Auto Chess Basics and Hints That was left Unexplained!


Auto Chess Basics and Hints That was left Unexplained!

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Hi Guys, I have being Writing Daily Guides on Auto Chess. Today we have some Auto Chess Basic and interesting tips on Auto Chess:

Should I lock For Round 1-3?

I often get asked this question and below are some angles to help explain the logic behind Lock vs Don't Lock

Is it a Pair? is it a top early game unit (Am, BH, CW e.g.) that would help you win round 4 upon finding a 2 ★ ? Early game 2 ★ , even a bat rider can be key to wining round 4-5 and sometimes we just need to start with a win to help with our economy, confidence and perhaps RNG =)

Is there more than 2 goblins/orc warriors, those 2 race/class tend to win early game more than anything before round 10!

Lastly, ask yourself, would you be okay with the units (the ones left in the lock) if you were to roll them the next turn, if the answer is a fast yes! then locking is usually justified, but if you are hesitating it, then give it a try and not locking it and keep a record on how the outcomes fairs! And after a few testing you can adjust your expectation vs reality! =) (p.s. top rolls like x3 bm and timber are not the best examples)

How Do I Know How Much Gold For Next Level and When Should I Level?

Pressing the Alt key in Dota Auto Chess will allow the experience box to appear next to the courier's picture icon, Each round we gain 1 exp automatically and Each 5 gold spend on purchasing exp gives us 4 Exp. Below are the Exp needed to the current level (e.g. 2 exp from lvl 3 to lvl 4) and the associated gold (assuming a player only levels at lvl 3 the careerist)

Level 1 - Default

Level 2 - 1 XP

Level 3 - 1 XP

Level 4 - 2 XP 5 Gold = Level 4 With 2 surplus Exp

Level 5 - 4 XP 5 Gold = Level 5

Level 6 - 8 XP 10 Gold = Level 6

Level 7 - 16 XP 20 Gold = Level 7

Level 8 - 24 XP 30 Gold = Level 8

Level 9 - 32 XP 40 Gold = Level 9

Level 10 - 40 XP 50 Gold = Level 10

Note that It is preferable to Level up a multiples of 4 four current exp, e.g. 4/8, 12/16 or 12/24, For the most effective use of gold (but beware of other factors too!)

Most Players subconsciously Levels up (with gold) at round 17 (for the multiples of 4), 21, 26, 31, Most do this after a PVE round and in order to not fall too far in power, it is recommended we do this actively instead of retrospectively after losing massive hp at those round and levels up after a big punishing loss.

How should I use my Items?

Dota works different status differently

Attack damage are additive + 10 attack is reflected as it says on the item

Attack Speed, Armor, Magic deference Items ideas (I am truly sorry for the confusion it cause with this part of the guide, I did not do enough research for this particular guide (having be waking up at 3 am and staying up until 10 am for the weekend liquid queen tournament and still wanted to write some guides on Reddit) Here are some basic ideas for why it might be good to share items on different units [e.g. If 100 armor gives 50% damage reduction and 200 armor gives 66% reduction, which means the 2nd addition of 100 armor only gave 16% more reduction, hence it might be better to have the 2nd 100 armor on another unit for it to have 50% reduction instead for the first to have 16% more reduction. In the logic for hp + damage output, if an incoming damage is 100, with 100 armor we take 50, and with 200 armor we take 34 damage, but if we have 2 units, if we gave one 200 armor and 2nd with 0 armor, we are receiving 34 + 100 damage, while if we gave 100 armor to each we receive 50+50 damage in total. This would delay death for both unit (instead having one surviving for much longer), allow both unit a better chance gain Mana steadily and to survive in small - medium fights for the early game and deal damage through their auto attacks and cast spells. Please note in effective hp since giving armor to one unit or 2 is indifferent and sometime if its a 3 star unit giving more armor to it might be better!]

- Magic Resistance and - Armor: We might want to stack those for focus fire on a chance of sniping that 1 star tide before it gets ravage off!

We can split armor items on the front-line for even tanking, or focus items on units like axe/jugg/cw/timber for super tanking of a particular unit. The key is plan for better drops later! e.g. Chain mail and Plate mail on the same unit + hyperstone = Assault Cuirass

Give items to units that you plan to sell/replace later for a power boost in the early game! We often see people leave various items on the floor or on the courier >,<

A General Tip: Armor Items on Front line units or Key units (3★)

Attack Damage Items on units with good attack speed (note that attack damage does not provide additional mana once it exceeds 50 damage dealt! refer to my older guides for more details on mana and how it works

Mana Gain items on late game units like Kunkka, Dusa, Tide, Disruptor, Lich and Techies. We can sell a low rarity 2★ unit (non essential to our build) and benefit greatly in the late game!

What if I had a refresher on my 2★ Bh and I need him for 6 goblins? lets find a 1/2★Bh and then sell this one for its items! because in the late game items > BH even if it is 3★!

Let me know if you guys find those more basic tips helpful, I have a few more but due to time constraints only manage to write up three today =)

Please let me know what you guys think of the above guide, any suggestions or tips is much welcomed!




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