T1 dominates DK with clean 2,0; records the longest 24,match LCK consecutive win streak


T1 dominates DK with clean 2-0; records the longest 24-match LCK consecutive win streak

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Rijit Banerjee

T1 hands DWG KIA their second loss of the LCK 2022 Summer Split after Gen.G and continues to extend their winning streak to consecutive 24-match breaking the 23-match record set by their former team- SK Telecom T1 back in 2015.

Coming to the LCK Summer Split, DK secured the services of Nuguri in the top lane to solidify the team and enhance their chances of making it to Worlds. However, after losing the best of three series to Gen.G, fans expected DK to come back stronger on their next showing against T1. T1 dropped a match against KT Rolster in the first week, but they didn’t drop a series yet, continuing their undefeated domestic sprint.

In the first match of today’s series, DK started exceedingly well as Nuguri secured a solo kill first blood onto Zeus with his Mordekaiser. T1 traded one back around the same time they took down Kellin on his Karma in the bottom lane. DK kept pushing their early game, feeding two more kills to Mordekaiser and making his KDA 3/0/0 under 11 minutes. With a fed Mordekaiser, DK looked to dominate the early game and put pressure on their opposition. However, T1 remained patient and kept securing the dragons and equalizing the gold difference. T1 collapsed on the perfect occasions on DK and started getting frequent picks in the match to gradually build a lead in the mid-game.

They secured the Baron and pushed through all the lanes to further their lead in the match. DK did win some teamfights, but T1 always came on top of most of these exchanges and made it count when it mattered the most. After securing the Hextech Soul, T1 won a teamfight and secured another Baron to wrap the match under 32 minutes and take the series to match two.

The second match was an exemplary showcase of T1’s dive team comp and they executed it to perfection. The teams had a similar draft to game one, but it seemed T1 was always one step ahead of the enemy. They were so dominant in the early that after 12 minutes in the game, they were six kills up their opponents and had two dragons in their inventory. The match seemed over for DK at this point, but they weren’t done yet. DK secured some solid teamfights and tried to become toe to toe with T1 with kills; however, T1 quickly offset the tempo shift by securing more dragons and Baron buff to push the lane.

DK desperately tried to come back into the match, but T1 won one final teamfight in the top lane, and with Baron in their pocket, they pushed through the enemy’s base to crack the Nexus.

With this victory, T1 stands at 4-0 with Gen.G at the top of the table and remains undefeated after week two in the tournament. They will face ⁠Kwangdong Freecs on June 29, 2022, to continue their run. As for DK, after two consecutive losses, they will look to come back to winning ways against KT Rolster on July 1, 2022.

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