NoFear Interview: Sylar is no Miracle,


NoFear Interview: Sylar is no Miracle-


FlyToMoon have recently made a few waves in the CIS scene. Not only that they qualified for the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, which starts tomorrow, April 12, but they are also set to participate in the Epicenter XL Major. We had the chance to talk to Alexander “NoFear” Churochkin who has been on the hunt for a team to call home for two years now, since he’s been dropped from

After about a dozen of CIS stacks,it seems like he finally found the right lineup. We spoke to him about how the team formed, about the CIS scene as a whole, about Techies, Pangolier, Dark Willow and their opening match in the Cybersports Arena against VG.J Thunder.

Hey NoFear, long time no see. How are you?  Excited to be playing a LAN event after such a long time?

Hey, yeah, I think it’s been two years since I played in a tournament like this. I feel really good and I’m pretty excited for our matches.

Well, you’ve been to the WESG European and CIS qualifiers finals with a Russian team, and that was actually a LAN.

Yes, that’s right but I haven’t played in a big tournament since the disband from 2016.

True, that’s already a long time ago, or it feels that way because of how many events we have in Dota right now. So, the VP roster we are talking about is the one with fng, yourself, Yoky, G, and Alohadance.


What did you do these past two years?

Oh, I played in so many random mixes in the CIS scene…I don’t know, I tried to win some qualifiers, opens, closed, I played in a lot of them. I played with Double Dimension, with M19, Comanche, Friends, and many other mixes, as I sad. But yeah, I had no success. Other than that, I played a lot of pubs and tried to improve myself.

How did you guys get together on this team, FlyToMoon?

This is actually a long story. I and Nongrata played in M19 as stand-ins, it was us and Nyx who played in M19 for the Bucharest Major qualifiers and for the ESL One Katowice. After those qualifiers, Nyx was recruited at Empire and me and Nongrata were thinking to find three more players to make a team. So, I said,  let’s talk to Iceberg. He said yes, then we talked to Alwayswannafly and we also wanted to play with Silent, but at first, Silent said no. Soon after, he changed his mind and this is how we formed.

Immediately after Silent joined us, we played in the CIS qualifiers for Epicenter, we lost in the grand finals to Team Empire but we knew we can make it so we signed up for Madness qualifiers and we actually won that, which gave us a lot of hope for the future. Two days after the Madness qualifiers we also won the CIS qualifiers for StarLadder so here we are.

How about the name of the team, why FlyToMoon?

Hmmm, this is a complicated answer. It’s related to some internal jokes about cryptocurrencies, bitcoins. You can say we want us to raise as fast as cryptocurrencies.

Ok, tell me what’s your favorite hero right now?

I’m an Earth Spirit guy.

How about Techies? I’m asking you this because we should expect a patch this week, and if Valve really wants to push all the heroes in the Captain’s Mode, then he is the only one missing.

Oh yeah, the Thursday patch. Well, regarding Techies, I feel like this hero should not be in CM. Let’s just say this is not a good hero to have in competitive matches. Pangolier and Willow are ok, they are flexible, as we just saw it at DAC. More teams played either core or support Pangolier so he is definitely a good addition to the Captain’s Mode, but Techies… no. I feel he will bring too much randomness to the games.

Do you think that Pangolier and Willow are overpowered and were pushed too early in the CM?

I wouldn’t call them exactly overpowered. Both are really good heroes, it depends a lot on how you use them and the itemization you have. Maybe it’s not the hero who is overpowered but rather some items in combination with certain spells. For example, Willow just with Aether Lens is just insane. You disable – ult from long distance, in early game she is so strong with just one item. Then you have the heroes combos that can make a draft invincible. For instance, Abaddon-Omni, then the AA right now is another hero that used in certain combos can win a game. So, right now, I don’t think you can say that one certain hero is unbalanced. He is extremely good in a combination, but that does not make it broken.

There is one exception to all that I just said. Pangolier in the hands of Iceiceice.I think he is the only player right now who can win a game on his own on Pangolier.

Yeah, icex3 is a special case, I totally agree. I know that when Willow was added to CM, during the Bucharest Major, everyone said that the CIS players are extremely good at it and that you guys spam the hero in the Russian pubs. Is it true or false, are the CIS players better than the rest of the regions with Willow?

Well, she is a very fun hero to played by a support. I remember that on the night when she was added I read everything about her and spammed pubs the entire night. Then I picked it in the Epicenter qualifiers twice. I won one game and I lost the other, that’s all the Willow I actually played so I don’t know if CIS players are indeed better or not with her.

How about the CIS scene as a whole. You’ve been around for a long time, yet, it took you two years to recover from the VP disband, and there are a few more other pros in your scene going through the exact same thing. We don’t see them in the top tier teams anymore, and if we are to be honest what once looked like the most competitive region, it doesn’t feel like that anymore, why?

Yeah, it’s strange. Right now there are only two or three teams in CIS who followed the roster lock rules. VP, Na’Vi and Vega. because Empire dropped Nyx so they are also out of the regional qualifiers for TI.
Which is actually funny, because, us, FlyToMoon, we did this team and registered in time in the last official shuffle. So, although we are towards the end of the season we can still benefit a lot if we are doing good. We start here at SL, we go to EPICENTER and of course, the big target is the SuperMajor.

But I think for the rest of the teams from CIS, like Empire let’s say, doing a roster change now is a calculated risk. Because we have VP already qualified. If Na’Vi get back in top 8 then we are left with just one or two teams eligible for regional qualifiers for TI. So, then Valve will have to give more than 5-6 spots from opens to closed, so basically all the teams you would expect to be in closed regionals, will be there.

So, it will happen like last year in South America when we had 3 teams invited to closed qualifiers and 7 coming from opens.

Yeah exactly. Assume this year’s TI closed qualifiers will have 8 or 10 slots. If in CIS there are just two squads who can get an invite for that, then all these teams who adjusted their rosters now, don’t lose anything. On the contrary, I’d say, they have all the time to get strong with the new roster and make a surprise when it matters the most.

I see. Speaking about making a surprise, you play vs VGJ Thunder tomorrow, and in this match up I’d say you are the underdog. How do you feel, are you ready to face Sylar? 

Definitely. Nobody is invincible.They are a good team but I will put the accent on team. They play a very good 5 man dota, and I think we can crack them. It’s bo3 and I heard that they are a team easy to tilt, we are ready for them. Sylar alone can’t win them a game, he is not Miracle-.

Ok, so you’re confident for tomorrow. I like that you have NoFear and feel ready to make your comeback into the scene. All eyes on you guys tomorrow, no pressure, have fun and good luck in the event!

Thanks, CIS Dota, best Dota!





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