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In-play Prediction
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Diamond Rebate
Rebate History
Make In-play Predictions during 05.27 - 06.09 to get a 0.45% Diamond rebate.
Note: Rebate will be topped up to your balance at 1 am SGT every day. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.
What’s in-play prediction?
in-play prediction is a feature the allows users to predict the match results according to their understanding of the game during the match.And after you make your prediction successfully, the odds you choose will be the final odds when the prediction is settled.Titles that support in-play prediction: DOTA2, CSGO and LOL.
How to join in-play prediction.
You can place P coins and Diamond in In-play Predictions(Items not supported).
You can convert Dota 2 and DIB items to diamonds.
Get Diamond
P coins can be obtained by purchasing Premium Medal and selling items in VP market.
Get P coin
1. How long will the in-play prediction be settled?
Usually we will settle the prediction 10 mins after the match finishes.
2. When will the in-play prediction be available?
In-play prediction usually starts before the match begins.
3. What games and type of predictions do in-play prediction support?
Supported Titles : DOTA2, CSGO and LOL. Prediction Types: Match Winner, Single Game Winner, Handicap, Single Game Handicap, Single Game Total Score, Single Game Kill Score Handicap and Single Game Kill Total Score.
4. Why I always failed to make predictions in in-play prediction?
The system needs 20s to confirm your prediction after you submitted it. Since the odds of in-play prediction are updating according to the match situation during the 20s, you may fail to make the prediction when the odds changed. We suggest you check “Accept better odds” to reduce the occurrence of operation failure.
5. What’s the maximum prediction value for the single in-play prediction?
The maximum prediction value depends on the match scale and participating teams. The value ceiling is 2,000 diamonds or 10 million P coins.
6. Can I use items in in-play prediction?
You can only place P coins and Diamond in in-play prediction.
7. How to get Diamonds or P coin
P coins can be obtained by purchasing Premium Medal and selling items in VP market.You can convert Dota 2 and DIB items to diamonds.
8. Which items can be converted to diamonds?
To check the list of convertible items, please visit
9. Can I use the converted diamond to exchange for other items in Diamond market?
For Diamond you obtain by converting items, you will need to use them in predictions first before using them to exchange for other items.