MDL Chengdu Major

MDL Chengdu Major
The tenth issue of Mars Media's flagship tournament will be the MDL Chengdu Major. It will be the first Major of the 2019/20 DPC Season and MDL's overall third Major.
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Fnatic, TNC, and Adroit qualify for MDL Chengdu Major
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  • 10月10日
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After three days of hard-fought qualifiers, Southeast Asia has found three champions to represent the region in the upcoming Dota 2 MDL Chengdu Major.
Vici Gaming, Aster, and EHOME qualify for MDL Chengdu Major
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  • 10月10日
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The tense Chinese Dota 2 qualifiers have concluded. Teams traded wins back and forth to finalize the three rosters heading to the upcoming MDL Chengdu Major. miss their First Major since 2017.
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  • 10月10日
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Once known as the major kings, who overthrown OG, in breaking the record for most majors won, it is definitely an end of that era unfortunately.
The Challengers of the MDL Chengdu Major
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  • 10月09日
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The final additions of teams is decided for the very first Valve DPC Major tournament of the 2019/20 Season.
SUMAIL fails to Qualify for Chengdu major.
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  • 10月08日
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Yesterday, the four teams expected to make it to the Playoffs in NA Qualifiers, is of course, Evil Geniuses, J.Storm, Fighting Pepegas and Quincy Crew.
NikoBaby is Merciless in Chengdu qualifiers.
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  • 10月07日
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Debuting at the International 2019, NikoBaby was playing for Mineski and has displayed some valuable skills as a consistent carry player.
Ex-EG Players take the Top Seed in Chengdu Qualifiers.
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  • 10月07日
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The former EG players that made history and immortalised Evil Geniuses’ name on the Aegis, has all part ways to play in their respective teams.
Chengdu Major Qualifiers is a Mess.
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  • 10月03日
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Well, this is definitely not a good news to begin our first ever major of the new DPC season ‘19/’20.
Welcome the Teams invited for Chengdu major qualifiers!
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  • 10月02日
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With only 2 days before the much-awaited major qualifiers of the Chengdu major
MDL goes to the Panda Capital for the first Major of the season
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  • 09月21日
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the organization proudly announced the tenth iteration of MDL as it returns to Chengdu, China from November 16-24.