2019,2020 Season Roster Change

2019-2020 Season Roster Change
With the end of The International 9, the traditional post TI shuffle period has begun.
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LaNm pursues coaching career with Keen Gaming
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  • 17小时前
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Keen Gaming’s roster for the DPC 19/20 season is all set as they revealed the final addition in the team
Team Liquid will start fresh in the next DPC Season
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  • 2天前
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One of the most successful team ever, Immortalized on the Aegis, Team Liquid.
Kuku and Eyyou depart from TNC roster
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  • 3天前
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PH team TNC was first established and created on February 19, 2013, and since then, the team has been prospering and growing into more of a deal
CN DOTO: A Game of Buyouts.
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  • 5天前
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The Chinese DOTA scene has never been this competitive since this year, with every team striving for the same goal of having a TI-winning roster.
Fade had enough retirement, Joins Aster instead.
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  • 7天前
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Team Aster, a team that sounded so familiar but you didn’t get to see them in any minor
9Pasha and coach ArsZeeqq leaves VP, 9Pasha then joins Na'Vi
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  • 09月06日
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Post-TI9 shuffle just hit one of the biggest and most stable team in the previous years of competitive scene of Dota 2.
Fnatic announce their roster for the 2019-2020 DPC season
  • 09月05日
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The post TI9 roster shuffle is just beginning to stir and not a lot of the prominent teams have shown their cards yet. But Fnatic found no reason to keep the community waiting on the news of their new
[Rumour] Fade's retirement ends early as he apparently joins Team Aster
  • 09月05日
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After announcing his retirement from Dota 2 just last week, Pan ‘Fade’ Yi has already turned back on that idea as he has reportedly joined Team Aster.
[Rumour] Paparazi leaves Vici Gaming, joins EHOME
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  • 09月04日
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Vici Gaming exceeded many expectations in the 2018/19 Dota 2 Pro Circuit season – coming out of seemingly nowhere to claim a Minor victory followed by 2 Majors at the end of it.
OG’s Topson will be taking a break from Dota 2
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  • 09月04日
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Many might have expected an OG player to announce he was taking a break
Chuan remembers the “Patience from Zhou!”.
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  • 09月03日
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Ah, it seems like the post-TI9 roster shuffle did not disappoint us this year as we got some spicy news since last week.
Sccc joins Team Aster after parting ways with Newbee
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  • 09月02日
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After being placed on Newbee’s inactive roster ahead of Dota 2′s The International 2019
Chinese Dota looking to hire International Players for New Roster.
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  • 08月31日
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Over the years of Internationals, many teams and players have proven their worth (and value) by either making the plays or being really consistent in what they do best.
No roster changes for LGD other than their coach 357 leaving.
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  • 08月30日
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Yesterday,LGD Gaming announced that they won't do roster change