2019,2020 Season Roster Change

2019-2020 Season Roster Change
With the end of The International 9, the traditional post TI shuffle period has begun.
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Finally, some Good Korean Team as Febby goes Pro!
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  • 4天前
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Remember that half-baked announcement that Forev, the former MVP Phoenix
Chaos EC welcomes Quincy Crew
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  • 11月06日
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In the last few days, Chaos Esports Club decided to drop their whole dota 2 roster.
Team Secret welcomes Matumbaman and Heen as Midone exits
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  • 11月05日
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Despite being at the top of DPC rankings, Team Secret finished fourth place at The International 9 with some questionable performances.
Save- is now an official player of Virtus Pro
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  • 10月31日
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Virtus Pro has been one of the top competitors in Dota, not just in their home region CIS but known as one of the fierceful Tier 1 team out there
Team Spirit returns to Dota 2 by signing Positive Guys roster
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  • 10月25日
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Team Spirit has been a constant presence in the CIS region when it comes to Dota 2
Lil is Needs New team Again. Winstrike Disbands.
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  • 10月17日
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Winstrike, a team that formed literally weeks before the TI9 qualifiers, meets its unexpected end once again.
Sumail Quits his Brother's team after Qualifying Minor.
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  • 10月12日
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  • 22.4万
The Evil Geniuses roster shuffle has definitely been one of the most painful loss in the DOTA2 community
Beastcoast signs ex-Anvorgesa roster
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  • 10月05日
  • 1237
  • 44.9万
Shortly after Midas Mode 2, beastcoast who competed with a temporary roster immediately disbanded.
Alliance welcomes new roster
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  • 10月05日
  • 377
  • 9.1万
Shortly after the TI9 Alliance stack moved to Team Liquid, Alliance announced their new roster
A New Era of Team Liquid.
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  • 10月03日
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  • 63.5万
The new DPC season has not been kind for the community.
Virtus.pro ends their iconic 3-years-old roster.
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  • 09月30日
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It has been a good 3 years since the last time Virtus.pro made a roster shuffle.
GODSENT sign EGM and KheZu to complete new roster
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  • 09月29日
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  • 10.4万
After The Final Tribe acquired the GODSENT brand, the European team began an overhaul of its roster
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  • 09月28日
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They called Alliance “washed up” right after their victory over at TI3.
SumaiL and YawaR will finally play together in Quincy Crew team
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  • 09月28日
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It was more than a week ago when a shocking announcement about the Mid Player of Evil Geniuses