The last, but certainly not least, Major of the 2018/19 Dota Pro Circuit will be the EPICENTER Major, the fourth installment of the largest LAN tournament in Russia.
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OG set for their second Major of the season - Liquid join too
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The regional qualifiers for EPICENTER have been providing us with some epic Dota 2 action for the past few days.
Heen's guidance leads TNC to EPICENTER - PSG.LGD follow suit
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The regional qualifiers for the final Major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019 season have been underway for the past few days
TNC Predator first South East Asian Representative in EPICENTER!
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Since the deparment of team captain Ninjaboogie in this team February 5th of this year, Kuku assumed as a the position of the captain and finding a good old teammate eyyou to temporarily fill in as a
MUSHI is Back?!
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While Mineski is slowly but still making progress in the DPC season as they finally qualified for the Paris major 2 weeks ago, Mushi is on the run searching for a team all these while.
Will Notail Qualify for TI9?
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The DPC season takes no break as we head towards a busy schedule of qualifier rounds starting yesterday!
Team Spirit returns as Old but Gold falls away
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After dropping their entire roster in the early stages of 2019, Team Spirit are back on the map, featuring many players that have previously filled their ranks.
Valve : Third qualifier slot for EPICENTER Major goes to the Minor
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PICENTER 2019 is the last Major of the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit.
EPICENTER Major open and closed regional qualifiers details announced
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  • 04月18日
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EPICENTER is set to close the Majors list for the Dota Pro Circuit season this year. It represents the last chance for the teams currently placed below top 12 in the DPC rankings
EPICENTER: MAJOR Crisis over Regional Slot Distribution.
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  • 04月09日
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We are 2 months away from the final major and DPC event before the TI9 Qualifiers begin, so teams all over the world are hoping to snag as much DPC points just to avoid the excruciating yet stressful
Valve intervenes to redistribute EPICENTER Major slots
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  • 04月09日
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The EPICENTER has made changes to the number of slots some of the regions will get for the last Major of the season.
EPICENTER Moscow will be the last Major of the season
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  • 03月19日
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The 2018/2019 DPC Majors season will end in Russia. EPICENTER Moscow