The last, but certainly not least, Major of the 2018/19 Dota Pro Circuit will be the EPICENTER Major, the fourth installment of the largest LAN tournament in Russia.
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Most watched DPC Grand Final and a drama to end the season at EPICENTER
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  • 19年07月05日
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EPICENTER was the very last tournament on the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit season. Vici Gaming conquered their second Major title in a gruelling grand final
Get to know the EPICENTER stage co-host, Maria Ermolina
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  • 19年07月03日
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Maria Emolina, Masha as the Dota 2 CIS fans might know her, made her host debut for a Dota 2 tournament.
Drama after EPICENTER.
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  • 19年07月02日
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Well, if you guys are late to the story, let me entertain you on what happened. Just when EPICENTER had the best games we could ever expected
Vici Gaming triumphs after an intense grand final
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  • 19年07月02日
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With the qualifiers just around the corner, the Epicenter Major gave us a memorable Grand Final as Vici Gaming takes down Team Liquid after an intense BO5 series.
Vici Gaming are the champions of the EPICENTER Major
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  • 19年07月01日
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EPICENTER had reached its climax with the grand finals of Team Liquid versus Vici Gaming as both teams battled for the title of champions of the Moscow Major.
Virtus Pro's Epicenter streak continues!
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  • 19年06月30日
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Today, the battle to be the 2nd Grand Finalist of the Epicenter Major between the giants Team Liquid and Virtus Pro has been determined.
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  • 19年06月30日
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Alright, boys. It’s the final day of the EPICENTER live later today but before that, let’s take a look at the epic adventures of our SEA pride, TNC Predator
TNC demolishes LGD to secure fourth place finish
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  • 19年06月30日
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With the top DPC teams fighting in the last tournament of this season, the Epicenter Major did not disappoint as it brought high stakes matches for the last direct invites for TI.
Vici Gaming are the first grand finalists at EPICENTER
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  • 19年06月29日
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EPICENTER’s upper bracket finals would be a hotly contested series between DreamLeague Major winners, Vici Gaming and TI7 victors, Team Liquid
Infamous disband after EPICENTER
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  • 19年06月29日
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EPICENTER was not an amazing battle ground for many of the teams involved, Infamous being one of them
OG calls GG. WP Socksa!
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  • 19年06月29日
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Ever since day 1 of the EPICENTER, Notail was suddenly diagnosed with an odd disease, rendering him unable to play with his fellow teammates.
Alliance secure their spot at The International 2019
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  • 19年06月28日
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Lower bracket elimination series were the way in which the EPICENTER Major kicked off the day in front of the live audience.
Daxak : It kind of feels bad that we have to fight against them [A]
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  • 19年06月28日
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Gambit Esports will go head to head today with Alliance in a battle for the final spot to TI9 via DPC points.
ALLiance FOR ONE ti9 ticket.
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  • 19年06月28日
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Now, I don’t think many in the community understand the stakes on the line for the two teams



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