ESL One Birmingham 2019
ESL One returns to Birmingham for ESL One Birmingham 2019. At the end of May 2019, twelve teams from around the world will once again fight it out in the Arena Birmingham for a part of the $300,000 USD prize pool.
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Alliance claim the final slot for ESL One Birmingham
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  • 04月15日
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All the 12 teams in attendance for ESL One Birmingham are now known, with Alliance clinching this weekend a 3-1 victory over Old but Gold in the Europe plus CIS regional qualifiers finals.
Forward Gaming win 3 back-to-back finals, booked for ESL One Birmingham
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  • 04月14日
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Forward Gaming continue their dominance in the North American region and clinch a second qualifier victory in a week span.
TNC Predator and Keen Gaming lineup for Birmingham
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  • 04月13日
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The regional qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham 2019 have been gracing us with a touch of Dota 2 action this week but by tomorrow they will have ended
ESL One Birmingham final two direct invites revealed
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  • 04月06日
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Eight teams have been blessed with a direct invite to ESL One Birmingham 2019.
Team Liquid embark for ESL One Birmingham
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  • 04月04日
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Six teams have been already announced to participate at ESL One Birmingham, Team Liquid being the latest addition to the list.
ESL One Birmingham keeps getting better
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  • 04月03日
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ESL One Birmingham 2019 now has five of its directly invited teams confirmed, with OG being the latest added into the mix.
ESL One adds PSG.LGD to the Birmingham list
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  • 04月02日
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ESL One announced one more team for their event coming this May at the Arena Birmingham in the United Kingdom.