ESL One Birmingham 2019
ESL One returns to Birmingham for ESL One Birmingham 2019. At the end of May 2019, twelve teams from around the world will once again fight it out in the Arena Birmingham for a part of the $300,000 USD prize pool.
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Fng on ESL One Birmingham results: “There was no clear favourite”
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  • 06月06日
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Returned home with a top-four finish at ESL One Birmingham, Gambit Esports’ captain Artsiom “fng” Barshack talked with the Russian outlet
Best Plays made in ESL One Birmingham!
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  • 06月05日
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ESL One Birmingham brought us a roller coaster turn of events!
EG breaks curse, but Secret dominates
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  • 06月03日
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Through five games, we have seen why Evil Geniuses and Team Secret are one of the prominent teams in terms of Dota.
RTZ, Puppey or Maybe?
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  • 06月03日
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The past week has been such an exciting week for the Dota fans out there as the ESL ONE Birmingham delivers yet another epic production of what eSports should be like.
Team Secret are the unstoppable ESL One Birmingham 2019 champions
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  • 06月03日
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The grand finals of ESL One Birmingham 2019 were upon us and after Team Secret managed to defeat PSG.LGD in the lower bracket final
Team Secret toy with Gambit once again to eliminate them from ESL One
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  • 06月02日
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Lower bracket semifinals at ESL One Birmingham brought a rematch of the ESL Katowice grand finals.
Cosplay Content on ESL One Birmingham
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  • 06月02日
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So Close for Kuku and TNC.
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  • 06月02日
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We head into the second day of the epic ESL ONE Birmingham.
No Miracle for Liquid in Birmingham.
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  • 06月01日
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Just several days ago, Liquid’s star player, Miracle, made an insane play that left everyone even pros mesmerized as he takes on the whole Forward Gaming team alone as Outworld Devourer.
Gambit seem unstoppable at ESL One Birmingham
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  • 06月01日
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ESL One Birmingham 2019’s playoff stage was providing us with a lot of fantastic Dota 2 action with elimination series through the day.
Gambit deliver the first upset on the Arena Birmingham stage
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  • 06月01日
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ESL One Birmingham reached the playoffs stage and the first day of matches in front of the live audience has finally come.
RTZ Aims for First Place!
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  • 05月31日
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Evil Geniuses, probably one of the most recognized eSports organization across the globe, are also one of the strongest teams in the DPC rankings.
EG's unbeaten run at ESL One Birmingham comes to an end
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  • 05月31日
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The final day of group stage play came to an end at ESL One Birmingham 2019
NiP and Forward Gaming first to be eliminated from ESL One Birmingham
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  • 05月31日
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ESL One Birmingham is heading into the playoffs stage, but with just eight teams out of the 12 at the start of the tournament.