ESL One Mumbai 2019
ESL partners with NODWIN Gaming to bring India's first ever major Dota 2 event, with ESL One Mumbai 2019.
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Cosplay Contest at ESL One Mumbai
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Armel : We expected to win two lanes against KG but lost all three
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TNC traveled to India to compete in ESL One Mumbai, where they ended up getting third place.
Keen Gaming destroy Mineski to win ESL One Mumbai
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ESL One Mumbai 2019 had reached its grand final after nearly a week of Dota 2 action and it would be Keen Gaming and Mineski fighting for the right to call themselves champions of India.
EternalEnvy at Mumbai: There should be two Major slots for a Minor
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VPESports caught up with Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao during his trip to India for ESL One Mumbai and spoke about the meta
TNC's ESL One Mumbai run ended by Keen Gaming
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ESL One Mumbai reached its penultimate day and the lower bracket today saw two more team exit the event – leaving only three to fight tomorrow in the lower bracket finals and the grand finals.
NaVi's first loss on Wraith King sends Mineski in the grand finals
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ESL One Mumbai is approaching its culminating moment. Mineski and Natus Vincere fought today in one of the longest series of the event for a spot in the grand finals.
Kpii at ESL One Mumbai: SEA deserves more than two slots for a Major
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Mineski is one of the top Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia. But of late, they have gone through a rocky patch.
North American Dota left in ruins by a Tims Rubick
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ESL Mumbai had reached a point where elimination was on the cards for the losing teams in the lower bracket and after we waved goodbye to two teams in the morning
Signify and compLexity first to bow out at ESL One Mumbai
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First day in the NSCI Dome at ESL One Mumbai scheduled elimination matches.
Na'Vi and Mineski achieve their best ESL One results to date
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Upper bracket semi-finals were on the menu for the first day in the ESL One Mumbai playoffs.
Mineski hold on and claim an upper bracket showing
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The group stages of ESL One Mumbai 2019 came to an end today with Mineski taking another victory over The Pango in group B and securing their upper bracket showing in the playoffs.
Revitalized Na'Vi secure upper bracket playoffs at ESL One Mumbai
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Coming off from a demoralizing 0-2 loss against Team Team on Day 1 at ESL One Mumbai, Na’Vi started their second day of the event showing a completely different mindset and a lot more cohesion.
Signify disappoint with their first performance as ESL One Mumbai
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  • 04月17日
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ESL One Mumbai 2019 kicked off earlier today and for Group B there was a massive chance for the Indian qualified Signify to make their presence felt by the Dota 2 community.
EnVy buys back at ESL One Mumbai as fast as OpenAI Five
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  • 04月17日
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ESL One Mumbai action has started today with group stage matches.