VPGAME wishes everyone a Happy New Year


VPGAME wishes everyone a Happy New Year


2017 has past and today is the first day of 2018. On this very special day, our editors would like to wish all our supporters and followers a Happy New Year!

For the past 1 year, our editors has a lot of things to say to everyone~ Let us take a look~

Blessings from the only lady in our editor group~

When our lovely Chief-of-Editor CC told me: “2017 is coming to an end, write something for our readers”, I was very reluctant because I don’t know if people still remembers me. I was very scared that people will comment things like “Who are you?” or “Get lost” and things will become awkward.

I plucked my courage and will start with a self-introduction: I am known as ‘Embarrassed Sister’ in the Dota 2 special column <>, and as ‘Courier Lady’ in the PUBG special column <>. I am also an active editor of Overwatch and PUBG, and is currently the only female of VPGAME editor team.

I started out with having very few readers, and slowly improve to having a few comments. Up till this point, things are getting better as I start to grow into a true blue editor. Perhaps I was born to be a sentimental person as I will read every single comment and take it very seriously. I will be super elated from just 1 sentence of praise, and also will be super touched from one sentence of sympathy.

2017 is coming to an end, thinking back through this 1 year, there were so many heartwarming and touching encouragements that kept me going. I am very grateful to have all your supports over this 1 year. As we are celebrating New Year, I would like to wish everyone good luck and winner winner chicken dinner on New Year’s Day! I would like to make another wish: I wish that… everyone’s wishes will come true in this New Year!

Last but not least, I would like advertise: VPGAME PUBG group: 455874268. Come talk to me!

Blessings from ‘Poison Milk Old Goat’

Hello and greetings to all our readers~ Time flies and unknowingly, I have been by your side for 1 year already! Thanks everyone for your support and understanding. Hopefully I will be able to recommend more gentle and beautiful girls to you, provide more interesting ‘hearsays’. I hope everyone can continue to pay attention to me!

The New Year is coming soon, and I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope your Dota 2 skills can get better and better in the upcoming year, and hope everyone can have more companions!

Blessings from Watt, a little brother who loves to eat chicken drumsticks

Hello everyone, I am Watt from VPGAME. Thanks for being a part of VPGAME in 2017. I will do my best in the year 2018 to provide more interesting exclusive news, more reliable game strategies, and a more all-rounded summary to our special topics. Although I do not have a steamer, I am able to help everyone enjoy their chicken even more~ Let VPGAME bring to you an exciting 2018!

Blessings from Maoshun, the guy who never wakes up

To me, I feel kind of shy having to open up and talk to the readers. Maybe because taking down the wall and speaking directly to the readers is not normal for me. I am a rather introverted person and having to do this now makes me really shy and not myself. I have been an editor for almost a year. I still remember the first time I posted my first article, after staring at the ‘Post’ button for a very long time, I closed my eyes and pressed it. I immediately felt a sense of relief, and then I went on to close all the pages. I felt nervous, scared and a tinge of anticipation. Actually the content was simply just a few photos and some words to describe them only. If I had a choice, perhaps I would have chosen never to open that article again. However, the number of views and replies on the article kept appearing in front of me, as if trying to remind me of its existence. When both numbers are no longer zero, I could no longer hold myself back and clicked on the article. When I saw the comments left by the readers, I blushed. I felt both excitement and upset as I wondered to myself why I posted an article that wasn’t written well enough. Naturally, after having experiencing this, I got more and more thick-skinned and started posting more contents. I posted game analysis, tournament news, community news, etc and slowly but surely became a real editor. Having such a job is rather repetitive, and as an editor, I am committed to search for the latest news and updates in the scene. From all the hard work put in by our editor team, I have also witnessed the growth on our number of readers, and this made me really happy. However, I still felt like something was missing. It was only when I met Mr. Z who works in the same industry, I came to a realization that I was missing a very important trait that I see in him – Having the attitude to finding out on more ‘Behind the scene’ things. Moving on, I became in-charge of the CSGO portion and started my own ‘CSGO nonsense’ special column and it made me really proud. However, after a few weeks, I started to realize that this isn’t as easy as I thought and I was losing inspiration. I started to doubt myself if I was capable enough for this. Unfortunately, due to falling sick and some other reasons, the special column was stopped. I can’t help but feel really upset about it. However, going back to read all the supportive and encouraging comments at the bottom of every article gave me a nostalgic feeling. Not too long ago, Fish C sent me a screenshot on user X asking why has the special column stopped. Upon seeing this, I was very shocked but I decided to contact user X. Initially, I was very shy when it comes to directly contacting this ‘fan’ of mine. However, I recalled that I still owe a lucky draw from the special column (Sorry, I really forgotten about it). When I finally gave it out, user X asked me if I will be continuing with this special column. Tears start to fill my eyes and I quickly replied “Of course” and went on to thank user X and everyone else for their support. In the New Year, we will definitely provide more and better contents for our readers. Please keep your support coming!

Blessings from ‘Few pages gentleman’, the dog abuser from young

Hello everyone, I am ‘Few pages gentleman’ from VPGAME. Apart from updating LOL, CSGO and Dota 2 tournament news and gossips, I am also responsible for the simple match recaps after every Dota 2 tournaments. I have joined VPGAME for a mere 2 months, and I can still remember the nervousness I felt when I posted my first news, the panic I felt when I updated the wrong score for the first time, and the satisfaction I got when I wrote my first ever match recap and summary. 2017 has come to an end, but my editor career at VPGAME has just begun. I am very thankful to all my readers. I hope in the days to come, I can continue to do my best and provide the best for you guys. 2018, please continue to guide me. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.






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