EE,sama upsets TI6 Champions to secure Upper Bracket!


EE-sama upsets TI6 Champions to secure Upper Bracket!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Shaky Start.

Fighting PandaS, despite having multiple familiar faces such as the infamous EternalEnvy and even the TI5 Champion, Aui_2000, the team is still seen as one of the “underdogs”. As the first day of Chengdu major group stage begins, they were defeated by EHOME, in a close 2-1 series.

This sent the team down to the loser’s match as they face team Unknown. Expectedly, team Unknown, being literally unknown to the DOTA2 community, was defeated with ease by EE-sama’s stack. However, the real challenge is facing the team that defeated them the first time they played.

Chapter 2: A Stomp.

In game 1, the laning phase was pretty even, however, considering EHOME’s Templar Assassin pick, it was not great at all. Not to mention that EHOME second-picked TA, giving Fighting PandaS enough time to make a decent counter and they managed to shut down the TA.

The Pandas last-picked Sand King as offlaner, which is a great counter to get rid of TA’s shield charges. That combined with tremendous teamfight capability such as Magnus, Lich and Monkey King, it was pretty obvious that Fighting PandaS took that game with ease.

Chapter 3: An Alchemist Game.

Heading into game 2, Bryle from Fighting PandaS, picked Alchemist, with an Ogre Magi (by Aui_2000), he had a very good game. This spells trouble for EHOME as they are unable to shut down the tanky Alchemist before he becomes unstoppable.

Once again, EHOME’s plan to make it a quick midgame end or deathball strategy failed to materialize, either due to their lack of potential to catch Fighting Pandas off-guard or Fighting PandaS are just too good at making space for the team.

Anyways, just like that, Fighting PandaS take their sweet revenge against EHOME as they make their way to the upper bracket!

Chapter 4: Big Plays.

Besides EE-sama’s unexpected top seed, there are various plays, some are really epic while some are meme-worthy. Starting off with Newbee.Sccc’s sudden comeback, EG was ahead in advantage in game 2 against Newbee.

But things went south the moment Morphling obtains his Scepter and morphed with Earthshaker from his team. The ridiculous combo that made Morphling one of, no, in fact, it’s the most broken hero of the patch. EG sees themselves out after Morphling’s rampage.

Morphling’s comeback:

Sccc’s Rampage:

Chapter 5: Big Fails.

On the other side of the group, NikoBaby from Alliance follows his master, Arteezy’s footsteps and ways as he gets stuck on a cliff in the middle of a fight, thanks to Jabz. Fortunately, these fails alone was not enough to make Alliance lose that game as they take the series with a clean sweep.

NikoBaby’s Cliffteezy play:

While Fnatic drops to the lower bracket, it doesn’t stop them from having a little fun as they disrespect Team Spirit with the item drop while killing Team Spirit’s core.

Item-dropping by Fnatic:

Chapter 6: Playoffs Begin.

The Chengdu major continues its day 3 later today as the teams take no break before facing their next opponent. Starting off with the upper bracket games, at least the teams are not going home just yet. Stay tuned.




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