The Spartans bite the Dust till 2020.


The Spartans bite the Dust till 2020.

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Another Year, Another Disappointment.

Ah, the team that looked so great that debuted into the pro scene back in 2016, felt like they could not get over their past and is now just another tier-3 team that made it to a minor. Despite being great sports at the Boston Major 2016 and they definitely still are today, it seems like their performance just aren’t going anywhere further than what they used to be.

Yesterday, in fact, it was 2 days ago, Ad Finem was already eliminated from the Summit 11 minor after their losing streak in their group stage. Perhaps their group just have tougher competitions? For that, I will let you to decide. Anyways, Ad Finem had to face against Chaos Esports (formerly Quincy Crew), Geek Fam and HellRaisers.

Chapter 2: Against Kuku.

Geek Fam, one of the most-anticipated team in the minor and even predicted by Ceb to be the Summit 11 champions, destroyed Ad Finem. In game 1, Geek Fam managed to get their hands on Faceless Void and Night Stalker.

Although Geek Fam was off to a rough start as Kuku (on Night Stalker) and the rest of the team constantly gets picked off by Ad Finem, It was thanks to Raven on Void who managed to come online at late game and overwhelmed Ad Finem with insane team fight potential.

Once again, we see a similar story at the second game, where Ad Finem had the early to midgame, only to lose a crucial team fight and all that momentum they built just crumbled. That said, the series between Ad Finem and Geek Fam is very close but Geek Fam are just better at that retake.

Chapter 3: All Hell Break Lose.

As Ad Finem drops to the elimination series, HellRaisers is the other team to join this nail-biting series after losing to Chaos Esports. In game 1 against HellRaisers, Ad Finem takes the first game with an incredible showing of their extremely defensive draft.

Not only did Ad Finem picked Lycan for Madara, which is one of the tankiest carries in the game. It was also supported by 2 of the best counter-gank heroes there is! One of it being Lich, with his Frost Shield. That 60% damage reduction really scales well into late game while Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield is also one of the best dispel in the game!

Unfortunately, heading into game 2, Ad Finem attempted to go late game again, with the Anti-Mage pick for Madara. Hoping to draft defensively again, Ad Finem’s line-up was completely shut down by HellRaiser’s snowballing draft, consisting of Leshrac, Templar Assassin and even a Faceless Void, because why not. Just looking at HellRaiser’s draft is enough to send goosebumps up my arms! Ad Finem stood no chance and calls GG.

Chapter 4: Gone too Soon.

Lastly, the final match went in favour of HellRaisers too but at least, Ad Finem did not look like they were fooling around as they definitely had a shot at winning at first. Looking at Ad Finems draft alone, it would have been a no-brainer to say that Ad Finem will win. They have Leshrac, Outworld Devourer and even Bloodseeker, that snowballs the game early.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly where the issue lies. After an overwhelming early to midgame, HellRaisers teamwiped Ad Finem at 29 minutes to break all that momentum and advantage Ad Finem had. With early BKBs on their cores, Ad Finem have no physical damage to do anything in the fights, except to let HellRaiser’s Drow send arrows down upon them while Queen of Pain deals the other type of damage.

Chapter 5: The Rise and Fall of the Spartans.

Overall, Ad Finem’s performance in their first minor in years, have been underwhelming. Hopefully, the boys will not give up just yet as after the first major at Chengdu, a huge update is upon us, DOTA2 players!

As we wave goodbye to the stale meta picks, Ad Finem should be well practicing for their upcoming qualifiers for the second major, Dream League. Stay tuned as the Summit 11 playoffs begins later today.




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