Upsets Dream League Champions, Alliance.

收藏 Upsets Dream League Champions, Alliance.

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Chapter 1: Downhill since TI9.

Now, it hurts to say this but it seems like is not that bad after all. After yesterday’s article about how is at the brim of elimination, it seems like VP just made me take back all my words, just hours after that article.

Anyways, a little flashback on’s new DPC run. It all started with their unexpected TI9 run, ending with a miserable 12th place. You can just see the misery and disappointment on Noone’s face during the loser’s interview at TI9.

Noone’s loser interview:

That said, the boys at VP somewhat expected their fate at TI9, as they were already trying hard to figure out what was their issue, months before TI9 was even announced. Unfortunately, all those effort before TI9 were futile as they eventually got out of TI9, with a massive roster shuffle, removing 3 players, RAMZES666, Rodjer and 9pasha.

Chapter 2: Missing the First Major.

Heading into the new DPC season, started off horribly by losing the CIS qualifiers of the Chengdu major. While probably expected the bad results, for the fans across the globe, everyone was shocked to say the least.

As the CIS qualifier winners are Team Spirit and Gambit, the CIS region now has a new king and is just history, at least for now. However, not all hopes were lost, as managed to qualify for the Summit 11 minor.

Yet, we were once again surprised with’s announcement that they will withdraw from the minor too, as they want to focus on polishing their new roster, believing that there’s still potential that are yet to be uncovered beneath the new team. Thus, not wanting to deal with the stress of playing a DPC event, they decided to “take a break” from DPC altogether, at least until the end of 2019.

Chapter 3: Losing Streak.

Fast forward to this week, is at ESL ONE Hamburg, and is grouped against some fair competition, such as Vici Gaming, Alliance, beastcoast, Fighting Pandas and On day 1, lost to Vici Gaming, despite them having only 3 of their TI9 players. But, they managed to secure a clean sweep against EE-sama and the boys.

On day 2, VP lost to the former TI9 Infamous squad, now rebranded as beastcoast. To be fair, beastcoast is one of the few teams that played in TI9, that kept their whole roster intact. Some of the others are just OG, Liquid, Secret and LGD. After losing that series, VP were also unable to secure a clean sweep against, which most fans consider as the weakest team in the group. Instead, they drew the series.

Chapter 4: Against all Odds.

After the second day, VP is the fourth-placed team in the group, and one series won by Fighting Pandas would have spelt the end of VP. But instead, VP stepped up their game against the likes of Alliance.

In game 1, Alliance did stomped over the bears, with an overwhelming 30-7 kill count. Nikobaby once again plays some high-class Void performance being one of his most picked heroes in pro scene recently. Also, here’s a clip of Noone accidentally selling his Maelstrom instead of his Bracer.

Noone sells Maelstrom:

After that game 1, many expected VP to also lose the second game but they didn’t. This time, VP made a comeback, after almost throwing the game. It began with a good lead by VP in the early game. Managing to shut down Nikobaby and making him look like some tier-3 carry.

But it was still tough, when there’s a Meepo in Alliance. After a bad teamfight, VP find themselves losing the game. Until they managed to turn the game back into their favour, by winning several teamfights.

Chapter 5: Survived.

Fortunately, managed to live to play another day, as they make it to the Playoffs. Not what they hoped for, since it’s in the lower brackets, but hey, the lower bracket run is not that impossible, if you ask me.

Stay tuned later to watch play their elimination series. Will they proceed further or be eliminated? Tell us what you think!




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