Getting BANNED for doing Nothing?


Getting BANNED for doing Nothing?

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Behaviour Score.

Several months ago, the behaviour score feature was introduced into the DOTA2 game, where each user has a behaviour score that will increase or decrease depending on the number of reports and commends they get after a game.

While it is great to see this feature being really useful in catching out really toxic players that just throws or abandon games, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense as it becomes abusable by the community.

Chapter 2: A Toxic Culture.

If you have played DOTA2 often, you would have realised that you, yourself, would get upset after a lost game. But you don’t stop there, do you? Right after the post-game screen shows all the players, you probably have decided to report someone on your team that you feel is the cause of the game you just lost.

Or another scenario is that you might have met a really good opponent and you just didn’t want to play against or with him anymore, so you decide to report him anyways. However, during the TI9 Battle Pass duration, the Avoid Player feature is practically unlimited for use, so you spam it each game.

Another example is where a player, doesn’t matter if he’s your ally or enemy, picks Techies, and after a game, depending on who won, someone in that game would have reported the Techies player even if he played really good.

Chapter 3: Witch Hunt.

With the new behaviour score feature, the reporting system became so much more effective in banning a player just because of what he did in-game. It seems like there’s a trend where if you talk too much in a game, you just “stands out” of the rest, and you inevitably become a target for blaming.

Perhaps, you are a support player, and your carry accidentally slipped a move and costed the game, you probably would put the blame on the carry, vice versa. Or the most popular quote you see in-game is “report noob green pls” or something similar. Trying to get more players to report that one victim.

Now, of course, it’s not always the case where this happens unfairly but it definitely adds up over time if it continues. It’s only a matter of time before the system decides you have been reported too much and you get banned.

Chapter 4: Griefing Reports.

Obviously, whatever I just mentioned just now are basically grief reports, done by players who did it just to make themselves feel better after a lost game (I know how that feels). So, you would have thought that the DOTA2 client already have a way of identifying fake reports and don’t let these deduct your behaviour score but it just isn’t there.

The only thing you could do for the time being is to balance the reports out with getting commends from your team. So, always remember to type “commend me please” after a good game. Or if you want to make sure you get commends, just give commend to someone else and there’s a 99% chance that he or she would commend back. Or you could always just play support because supports don’t get blamed too often (definitely not trying to convince more players to play support).

Credits goes to Reddit poster bluecheez for spreading awareness about the issue. Therefore, remember to play your best and be positive! Have you ever been reported too many times even when you played well? Tell us your experience! Stay tuned.




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