Chinese Dota looking to hire International Players for New Roster.


Chinese Dota looking to hire International Players for New Roster.

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Chapter 1: It’s Beginning.

Over the years of Internationals, many teams and players have proven their worth (and value) by either making the plays or being really consistent in what they do best. As more teams begin to consider players from non-Chinese teams being absolute prodigies, it adds another reason to picking them up for the team.

For instance, Newbee made a quick decision to pick up former Forward Gaming squad that qualified for TI9. By providing the team with whatever they need before TI9, resources such as bootcamps and accommodation, they represent Newbee in the recent International.

While a Chinese organization taking in a whole non-Chinese squad is a little too wild, thanks to KBBQ’s negotiation, there’s actually players that have played under a Chinese team over the years. The two-time TI champion, ana, begun his pro career back in 2016, in Invictus Gaming as a sub. But it only lasted 2 months before he joins OG. Various Chinese teams in TI9 have picked up one or two Malaysian players as well, such as xNova (in PSG.LGD) and ah fu (in RNG).

Chapter 2: Post-TI9 Shuffle.

It’s that time of the year, players and teams are desperately looking to form a reliable team that could potentially win the first major of the DPC season and hopefully qualify for TI10. However, it seems like the Chinese teams have a much cunning plan to form their new team after all.

The two veterans, xiao8 (EHOME’s coach) and Burning (Aster’s founder), had a rather odd discussion with their viewers on their own streams.

Xiao8 was discussing about possibly buying Paparazi from Vici Gaming. He also mentioned that Aster has a transfer budget of 3 million USD, so it will be very difficult to spend any of them since teams often don’t sell their good players. However, the 3 million dollar transfer budget was debunked as Burning confirms that it was wrong and it was actually LGD.Ame’s buyout amount.

Xiao8 also states that he might stay as coach for EHOME if its roster is good, so one thing’s for sure, is that EHOME is having a roster shuffle. He also said that rOTk, VG’s coach, might be going to Aster. Lastly, he also told that they contacted Midone from Team Secret but he said he wanted to take a break for a few months. Midone being Secret’s mid player has been putting out consistent plays all year long, however, we don’t really know if he’s going to stay in Team Secret for another season.

Chapter 3: Praise the King!

While picking up a Malaysian Chinese player for the Chinese team is not that unusual, the next one will definitely be shocking. Burning apparently asked Dove (who is Arteezy’s girlfriend and also the content creator you all saw working with Slacks and Kaci at TI9) to ask Sumail if he wants to join Aster. Burning even said that salary is not an issue and even providing a translator just for him.

However, till now, there’s no news from Dove, so he’s not sure if Sumail actually got the message. The chat asked him why not ask Arteezy instead since he’s his teammate. Thus, it seems that the Chinese scene are really looking forward to getting their hands on some International talents even if they have language barrier. That said, I don’t think Sumail would ever leave EG yet.

But we got more bonus conversation between Burning and Dove. After Burning’s request, Dove said that Sumail is a rather bad-tempered player (tilts easily), does he really wants him? To which Burning replied hilariously, do you think Sylar has good temper? As long as you have skills, it’s okay to have bad temper. He even said that if Maybe wants to join his team, he would be willing to be Maybe’s punching bag. Credits goes to Reddit user, mnotgod, for the translation.

Chapter 4: Streamers.

Over the years, it seems like more pro players are retiring from the pro scene as they had rather work as a full-time streamer, especially in China, where the income you can get as a pro streamer is just off the charts. As it becomes difficult to find new talented players, the Chinese orgs are already widening their search globally.

Could you imagine Sumail playing in a Chinese team? Tell us what you think! Stay tuned.




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