Stormy Weather with only 3 days till TI9.


Stormy Weather with only 3 days till TI9.

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: 72 Hours.

Good news, peeps! It’s only 3 days left till the biggest event of the year, the International 2019, live at Shanghai. As teams and talents make their way to Shanghai, most teams should already be bootcamping nearby anyways except for the talents.

That’s where the bad news begins...

Chapter 2: Delayed.

It’s that time of the year over at China, typhoons are rampaging over cities and towns like they are lego bricks. Unfortunately, several flights have been cancelled or delayed due to this natural disaster and also because it’s clearly not a good idea to fly when the winds are at a speed of 60 mph and lifting up objects into the sky.

That said, we still have 3 days till TI9 anyways, and you might think the talents don’t need to be there early. But that’s not true at all.

Chapter 3: Content.

The talents need to be at TI9 early for the photoshoots and probably rehearsal for content in TI9. Just like every year, TI9 comes packed with loads of hilarious content that we never really see. But behind the scenes, these talents spent just as much effort as pro players to deliver the best content for viewers like us.

That said, it is going to be a really busy week for the production team at TI9 as their schedules get messed up by something out of their control. Hopefully, the production value at the first ever International in China will be beyond our expectations.

Chapter 4: An End of an Era.

Unfortunately, here’s more bad news for the community. The most iconic player in DOTA2 history, Dendi has officially became a free agent. That means he is no longer part of Natus Vincere, the only team he played for more than 7 years. Being the oldest and most accomplished player from the first ever TI1 Champions’ team, his departure from Navi will definitely have fans feeling teary as we won’t be seeing Dendi in his yellow-and-black Navi jersey.

That said, Dendi is not retiring yet, at least not announcing it just yet. We hope that Dendi can bring his experience as a DOTA2 veteran to whichever new team he plans to join. In fact, Dendi has played for various different teams right after TI8, such as for Vega Squadron (Khezu’s former team) and even Secret, alongside his former teammate, Puppey.

Chapter 5: After the Storm.

As we head closer to TI9, we can only hope that the weather returns to its calm state before TI9, for the remaining talents and players to arrive at Shanghai. The last thing we want is to have the Internationals 2019 be postponed due to teams not arriving yet or even talents, causing the scheduled content to be delayed as well.

Thus, it’s that time of the year again, if you are living in Philippines or any neighborhood countries, we are in luck (maybe)! Our time zones are similar to Shanghai’s, so games would be from afternoon to night, so you can keep your energy drinks aside because you won’t need to stay up late.

On the flipside, if you have school or even work, you probably don’t have time to watch it live. But hey, you could always invite your manager or teacher to watch TI9 with you. Stay tuned and Happy International 2019!




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