Gunnar and Febby are Going to TI9!


Gunnar and Febby are Going to TI9!

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Chapter 1: The Talented.

The talent list is finally out after what it felt like ages. With rumours spreading such as whether if the veteran caster, Tobi, is going or not, everyone are desperately waiting for announcements from Valve.

English Talents:

Chapter 2: Justice Served!

DPC 2018/19 has been one hell of a rollercoaster as players get kicked days before a major they helped their team qualified for. That’s right, you should be well aware of the drama between Gunnar and EternalEnvy, where Gunnar was kicked after qualifying for Paris Major in May this year. The worst part about it was that EE wasn’t even in the team when the team won the qualifiers and Gunnar’s family actually bought tickets to Paris to watch him. All thanks to Kyle’s callout on EE at the ESL ONE Mumbai, making the community aware of EE’s devious ways.

Meanwhile, Febby on the other hand, although was kicked from Mineski, it wasn’t as bad as Gunnar’s case but it was all for the best. Gunnar and Febby joined forces with several other Korean veteran players, only to fall in the TI9 SEA qualifiers’ finals against his former team, Mineski.

Good news is that both of them are invited to be the talents of the International 2019 and we really can’t thank Perfect World or Valve for reaching out to them! That said, we can all be happy that the boys are going to TI9.

Chapter 3: Tea Eye Weiner.

Unfortunately for Bulldog fans, he will be missing the Internationals for the third time in a row. After the Kuku drama, AdmiralBulldog was generally angry about Valve’s decision and Gaben too. He also did changed his mind on whether if he’s going to TI9, where he claimed that he will not attend it.

That said, we can’t really be sure whether if Bulldog will be at TI9 as Alliance is going there too, so fans might be able to catch a glimpse of him if he decides to join his team to Shanghai.

Bulldog’s angry reaction:

Chapter 4: New Talents.

Aside from the familiar faces of TI talents, we have several new people that has gotten rather popular this year. First off, it’s tsunami who just got into the game earlier this year, in Chongqing major Then, he was also invited to the Paris Major where fans are starting to like him as a well-versed commentator. All the best to him.

Meanwhile, the familiar faces include talents like Sheever, Redeye, GranDGranT, BSJ and even Godz.

Chapter 5: Thanks Purge! SYND LUL

Now, the most iconic of them all, it’s Purge. With his classic explanation and coaching, we just can’t wait for his weatherman show. Then, there’s Synderen who will also be joining the likes of ODPixel and the other talented casters.

Chapter 6: Wholesome Stack.

It wouldn’t be a fun International, without Slacks and Kaci. Featuring their hilarious introduction as Omniknight and Crystal Maiden cosplays, I am sure most of us are eagerly waiting to see how Perfect World will do in terms of production value.

That said, all these talents are looking as promising as ever and you can be assured that TI9 will be a blast, hopefully. Who are you looking forward to watch in TI9? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.




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