“Match,fixing Scandal” at BOT TI2.


“Match-fixing Scandal” at BOT TI2.

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: The Bot TI2 Champions.

As the unusually epic Bot TI2 has concluded yesterday, with team Pangolier taking out the favourites, Earthshaker. Pangolier had a rough series before this as they get shut down by Earthshaker’s perma-stuns in the upper bracket series. Just like in true team OG fashion, Pangolier came back through the lower brackets to avenge their loss against Earthshaker.

Just when everyone thought that Earthshaker is the dominant team, Pangolier shuts down the haters and put ES in the BS.

Chapter 2: RIGGED.

As expected from Earthshaker supporters, many speculated that the grand finals was rigged as the stream felt cut off during the match. Very minimal but somehow someone spotted that the stream was edited. Apparently, at 17-19 seconds in the clip, there are signs of edited frames but really, I can’t really see it, so you be the judge. Meanwhile, there’s also rumours that the Bot TI2 was pre-recorded or at least, the games are pre-recorded. So, they can run the series many times until the favourable hero gets the win.

Grand Finals: https://clips.twitch.tv/ElatedImpossibleApeTBTacoLeft

Chapter 3: Evidence Two.

But before we get into the grand finals rigging, it all happened before that, where Bloodseeker was disqualified from the tournament. Basically, the panellist ran the wrong series, which is for Bloodseeker versus Shadow Shaman, thinking SS would win.

So they only found out that and decided to just disqualify him because they would have to rerun the top 16 series again. Poor, poor Bloodseeker. May he return next Bot TI to reclaim his undeserving loss.

Chapter 4: TI Curse.

Now, you might be wondering, where are the champions from last Bot TI? They are all eliminated. In fact, the top 6 teams from last Bot TI did not get the top 6 this time. Now, this may be due to the ban of items such as BKB and Blademail but I would like to think that it’s actually some mysterious curse that haunts the DOTA2 pro scene.

Chapter 5: Clarification.

Now, if you guys haven’t already know, the whole “match-fixing” scandal here is all fun and games. There’s literally no prize pool and the participants aren’t even aware of the tournament (yet).

However, there are some of those who are actually angry about this because the Bot TI2 does have its own predictions on their website, where players can predict who will win in each series and earn points. The higher the points, the higher your rank on the leaderboard.

Chapter 6: Are you Not Entertained?!

That said, the whole tournament has been so insanely entertaining even though we are just watching bots fight among themselves. All the unexpected outcomes from these mindless bots really gives the whole tournament a sense of surprise whenever something unexpected happens.

That said, a bigger player in the DOTA2 game, OpenAI will be making its move in the upcoming TI9. Whether they finally play better than pro players to beat them in a fair 5 versus 5 game, it will only be a matter of time.

Anyways, I certainly can’t wait for the next one, kudos to Beyond the Summit for such a crazy week before TI9. Did you enjoy BOT TI2? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.




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