Dota Underlords Hunter Strategy Guide


Dota Underlords Hunter Strategy Guide


Hunters are currently one of the strongest strategies in Dota Underlords. They are very versatile, and they are not as item-dependent as some other top Alliances, which makes them very consistent.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to learn how to play Hunter lineups – in the current meta, they are some of the most consistent for climbing easily to the high ranks.

(3) Hunter Heroes: All Hunters have a 20% chance of quickly performing 2 attacks.

(6) Hunter Heroes: All Hunters have a 35% chance of quickly performing 2 attacks.

Hunter Hero Tips

Drow: 1g, Heartless, Hunter

Drow has a good proximity aura giving your other ranged units a DPS boost (because of this reason you want to keep her next to your other ranged damage dealers, usually in the middle of your army). Also, she has the Heartless Alliance, which makes it easy to get the (2) or even (4) Heartless bonus for a further DPS boost. Give her Mask of Madness if you have it – she has only passive skills. It’s cheap to upgrade her to three stars – try to do it if you have the bench space.

Beastmaster: 2g, Brawny, Hunter

Beast is a frontline unit, but also a damage-dealer. Try to put him on the edge of your formation so that he doesn’t tank most of the enemy damage – you want him to survive for longer to be able deal damage for longer. Moreover, by positioning him at the side he is more likely to throw his Axes diagonally and hit most of the enemy army. Beast is absolutely imba with Forged in Battle. He gets kills regularly, which allows him to accumulate a huge HP pool and carry you in the late game. If you have the global item, prioritize getting him to three stars to increase his DPS.

Windranger: 2g, Elusive, Hunter

One of two Elusive Hunters, making it easy to combine the two Alliances 6-3 or 3-6. She has good physical DPS for the cost combined with a relatively powerful AoE nuke. If you’re not going for the Elusive bonus, however, you could skip her for the higher-tier Hunters.

Lycan: 3g, Savage, Human, Hunter

The newcomer in the Hunters lineup. Once he transforms, he becomes an amazing damage dealer. He has a crit in his Wolf form, which works great with the Hunters double attack. Moreover, his two summon can also proc the double hit. Because of this, you want him to transform with enough HP left to deal damage for a while. This means that, like Beast, it’s a good idea to put him on the edge of the frontline or even to move him one tile back if he’s too squishy (usually when he’s on one star). He is a Savage and a Human, which makes it easy to get the (2) Savage damage bonus or the (2) Humans silence.

Sniper: 3g, Deadeye, Hunter

Sniper has an amazing range, which means he usually stays in the backlines. He deals good attack DPS: he has very high damage but not that high attack speed, so he benefits a lot from staying next to Draw and from attack speed items. He also has a powerful single-target nuke, although the casting animation is very long and sometimes he wastes a lot of time switching targets before he casts it. It’s not a bad idea to combine him with Gyrocopter to activate the Deadeye synergy, which makes the two of them focus down low-HP enemies very efficiently.

Mirana: 4g, Elusive, Hunter

Mirana received a couple of considerable buffs, which made her a playable unit. She is not amazing, but she has very decent stats, which is usually good enough for a Hunters lineup. Her ultimate is still not amazing (she Leaps out of the range of your proximity auras (which reduces her DPS) and she often hits non-important units with the Arrow). That said, her ability is great versus the creep waves.

Medusa: 5g, Scaled, Hunter

The strongest physical AoE damage dealer in the game. It’s important to know that modifiers from items work on her split shot. This means that putting a Daedalus or Maelstrom on her is much more efficient than on most other heroes and at two stars she can easily become your main damage dealer. As if her damage is not enough: she also has a crowd control component in her ultimate – Stone Gaze. (She is also great for getting the (2) Scaled synergy versus Mages.) Obviously, the drawback is that she is a rare 5-gold hero and you usually wouldn’t have access to her if you’re not doing particularly well.

Hunter Item Tips:

Hunters are actually not that item-reliant as some other strategies (e.g. Savage), which makes them a very consistent strat to go for relatively often. Their Alliance item is good, but they can do fine without it.

Hunter’s Focus: a considerable DPS boost if you intend to go for (6) Hunters. It helps you pick-off important frontline heroes before they canst their control spells. Remember that putting multiple Hunters in a single row makes it very likely that all of them will attack the target directly in front of them.

Forged in Battle: This is arguably the item that makes the biggest difference in a Hunters lineup. Ideally, you want to get a Beastmaster from as early as possible. Even if you get Forget later in the game, it gives him bonus HP for his kills retroactively. If you’re lucky enough, you can reach ridiculous HP numbers on Beast, and he can carry you in the late game. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to run other Brawny units to make Forged in Battle worthwhile – Beast is enough. Later on, you might want to add Disruptor because he benefits from the extra HP even more.

Elusive Targets: you don’t have to be running (6) Elusive heroes to make this item worthwhile. Even if you have 1-3 Elusives in your frontline, this Alliance item will increase the time they stay alive significantly. Remember that while evading attacks, the enemy heroes who are attacking them aren’t gaining Mana.

Fall from Grace: very valuable in a Hunters + Warriors or Hunters + Knights because it makes it very easy to get (4) Heartless. Lycan is a Human, Drow is a Heartless, so you need only two more Humans/Heartless: Pudge/Abba/Kunkka/Omni/Necro/etc.

Tooth and Claw: good if you’re going for Savage + Hunters. Lycan’s Wolves and Lone Druid’s Bear are also Savage units, so they apply the bleed debuff.

Blight Stone: it gives more value in a Hunters lineup than in most. The armor reduction makes a huge difference when multiple Hunters are focus-firing the same unit.

Madness: an alright item for Drow Ranger. In Auto Chess, it was a common strategy to put it on Sniper to increase his DPS while preventing him from losing time by recasting Assassinate. In Underlords, however, the damage of Assassinate is really high, so it’s usually not worth it to put it on him.

Maelstrom: the double attacks from the Hunters Alliance bonus means more chances to proc the lightning. Extremely good on Medusa.

Battle Fury: great on Lycan or Beast because of the double attacks. Try to get the unit who is carrying the BF to three stars.

Radiance: great on Pudge in a Hunters Warriors lineup or Treant in Elusive Hunters. Even better on Beastmaster with Forged in Battle.

Mekansm: the AoE heal is very valuable versus lineups with AoE damage – your units are squishy. You usually want to put it on one one of the units in the center (e.g. Drow).

Pipe: the same logic applies to Pipe, but it’s even better at countering AoE magic damage.





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