Chaos E. C. : What now haters?


Chaos E. C. : What now haters?

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After an eventful 2018-2019 DPC, we have finally completed the 18 teams for the International. While 12 of them worked for the direct invites, six of the final 18 teams fought tooth and claw to represent their region in the much-anticipated tournament in August.

Before the qualifiers, Valve invited a few teams to participate in the closed qualifier, one of them is Chaos E. C. Without almost negligible DPC points and a brand new roster change, a lot of people doubted the veteran stack. Some said that they were invited because of Matumbaman, some say because Chaos is a known org, and some say their stack won’t work well enough, but amidst these speculations, Chaos E. C. secured themselves a ticket to Shanghai. To rub it more in the doubters’ faces, Chaos’ twitter posted a montage titled “Why did Chaos get a direct invite to closed qualifiers? “ ( where it contained snippets of plays that helped them qualify. That being said, lets take a look at how Chaos survived the EU Regionals.

With a 2-3 win rate in the day 1 of phase 1, Chaos recomposed and finished the group stage with a 4-3 win rate to place in third and put themselves in the playoffs.

In the first round, Matumbaman and the squad faced the second placer from Sweden, The Final Tribe. In game 1, Chaos showed their worth as they take down TFT in a 36 minute game behind Khezu’s 3/0/9 Enigma and Vtfaded’s 6/0/9 Phantom Lancer. However, TFT evened the series after 53 minutes after a heavily farmed Frost’s Naga with a 51k networth. From there, TFT sent Chaos to the lower bracket after defeating them after a 19-2 kill score after 27 minutes.

After losing their first series, it looked like Matumbaman brought Team Liquid’s power with them as Chaos breezed through the lower bracket after they defeat Aachen City Esports and Czech squad Team Hippomaniacs. Chaos swept both teams with an average game length of 32 minutes to bring Matumbaman’s new team to the Grand Finals to face TFT once again.

In the BO5 Grand Finals, Chaos quickly took the upperhand as they finish the Swedes within 24 minutes with the help of Matu’s 6/0/10 DK and Milan’s 2/0/13 Enigma. In game 2, Matu’s Mid Dazzle and Vtfaded’s Juggernaut carried Chaos to a 2-0 after 30 minutes of action without giving TFT any Tier 2 tower. With their backs against the wall, TFT fought hard in game 3, but Chaos were so eager for the TI ticket and maintained a gold lead throughout the game. With their racks being pushed, TFT decided to call it gg and wish Chaos good luck in TI as they drop 3-0 after 42 minutes of high-stakes dota.

Despite being added to Chaos a few weeks before the qualifiers, it looked like the combined experience of Matu, Khezu, Milan, and Vtfaded were amplified by the leadership of Misery. Together, they fought well and proved everyone that veteran experience comes a long way, especially when a slot at TI is up for grabs.

Aside from the TI slot, Chaos also had the satisfaction of proving the haters wrong. However, TI is still a long way to go, will they improve their team chemistry or do you think they have already peaked in the qualifiers? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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