Moonmeander: SCAMMED for 2 Years.


Moonmeander: SCAMMED for 2 Years.

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Chapter 1: Downhill since Team OG.

If you thought that FNG’s story of not making it into TI for 3 years in a row was sad, then you better feel worse about Moonmeander’s story. For those of you who don’t know, Moonmeander is a former Tigers player but you probably would know him better as the former Team OG offlaner.

It dates way back to 2016 when Team OG was on a row, winning major after major. They would soon get the nickname, the Major Kings. Yet, just like’s fate, despite being the favourites entering TI6, they were instantly knocked out from the upper brackets by MVP.Phoenix, then to be infamously upset by the SEA pride, TNC.Predator in the lower brackets.

Some call it the biggest upset of the year but really, we have to thank our SEA representatives, MVP.Phoenix and TNC for dealing the massive blow on OG. Of course, despite the successful run before TI6, Moonmeander left OG in search of a better team.

Chapter 2: In a Row.

Unfortunately for the former HON pro player, his pro career just keeps getting worse ever since TI6. Continuously playing and searching for a team, but it all just didn’t end right. Since TI6 till late 2018, Moon has played in 9 teams. most barely lasting a month.

It was clear to Moon that he needs to get out of his region, NA. So, right after TI8, Moon is on the move again but this time, he headed to the SEA region in search for a worthy team that could bring him to TI9. But little did he knew; trouble is just lurking in the bush.

Chapter 3: Tigers.

It was going to be a huge announcement, the veterans of the Dota 2 pro scene, Mushi and Dendi, have all gotten together to form what everyone was expecting to be the all-star team of the year. With Dendi being everyone’s favorite and Mushi being nicknamed “The Rapist”, the expectations were heavy for Tigers.

But the crazy combo of players failed to make anything work. Team Tigers were failing big time and it was only a matter of time before the entire team disbanded. However, it wasn’t just their performance that caused Tigers to fall.

Yesterday, Moonmeander tweeted about how he has earned ZERO dollars from playing in DPC tournaments. At first, it was GESC Thailand last year, where we all heard that none of the teams and talents got paid for their work. Then, Tigers who got 13th place in Kuala Lumpur major last year also did not pay Moonmeander his prize pool earnings.

He expresses his thoughts about tough times being a pro player if you aren’t on top. Not only did having a bad run screwed him up but even his own team organization decides to make it worse.

Chapter 4: Journey to TI9.

After Tigers, Moon returned to NA just in time to form a team for NA qualifiers, Kookaburra. Alongside ritsu, bryle, Kingrd and kitrak, they were able to make it into the playoffs. As much as we hope Moon could make it into TI9 after 2 years, it just isn’t enough.

Kookaburra suffered a painful sweep against the top seed, Forward Gaming. The games ended in barely 30 minutes each. In both games, Kookaburra just gets destroyed from the start of the game. Dropping to the lower brackets, they face yet another favorite, J.Storm, featuring Fear, Reso and Moo.

This time though, it was really close. In game 1, we see the game extend to more than an hour. Although J.Storm was clearly winning the entire game, Ritsu’s Anti-mage has been carrying his team for so long. Unfortunately, the rest of Kookaburra were nowhere close to J.Storm’s net worth. Even a Divine Rapier on Anti-mage isn’t enough to win the game.

Kookaburra however managed to avenge their loss and tied the series. This time, Bryle on Death Prophet was the game-winning pick. As the whole draft have very defensive and durable heroes, J.Storm could not take a teamfight against them.

Chapter 5: Another Year of Disappointment.

With the series being this close, unfortunately, Kookaburra were out of steam. The final game was a massive stomp by J.Storm. Kookaburra were unable to counter J.Storm’s extremely durable lineup. Coupled with a support Lich that has Frost Armor, on a Timbersaw and Death Prophet?! It was clear that Kookaburra don’t have damage to kill anyone.

Moonmeander tweeted about his sad situation right after the game. While Moonmeander and the boys will be skipping TI for yet another year. We could keep our eyes up for the other teams such as Chaos Esports (Matu) and even J.Storm (Fear).

Which team are you rooting to qualify for TI9? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.




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