WATCH OUT for these Teams!


WATCH OUT for these Teams!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: The Last Shot.

The TI9 open qualifier has been held since last week, with many veteran players and prodigies joining forces across every region, for that last chance at attending TI9. After all, everyone wants a split of that 26 MILLION DOLLARS prize pool.

With the open qualifiers ended and AdmiralBulldog not making it into the regionals, there are still other teams worth noticing because, who knows, they just might be the next OG in TI8.

Chapter 2: Yes Gunnar, No EE.

Most of you probably got onto the bandwagon of hating EE for his cruel actions of kicking Gunnar and Newsham, just before the Paris Major 2 months ago. Even heading into the Paris Major as beastcoast, EE did not find success as he gets eliminated in the first round of playoffs. As expected, he left the team right after.

Meanwhile, Gunnar was able to join forces with the veteran Korean players, March, Febby and MP, as they play in the SEA open qualifiers as Team Jinesbrus. With the guidance of former MVP.Phoenix players and a new player from Thailand, 23savage, they managed to qualify for the regional qualifiers.

Not only that, but they even stomped through the group stage, claiming the top seed in the group. However, it’s not over for Gunnar as they still need to play the playoffs among 3 other teams to determine who will be going to TI9.

Chapter 3: MASON LUL.

All the way from NA qualifiers, while it’s not the most exciting, there are some honorable mentions that we should keep in mind. First off, it’s Fear, the former TI5 Champions who departed from Evil Geniuses.

After announcing his retirement 2 years ago, Fear is finally back after J.Storm took him in initially as a stand-in but he soon became a permanent player. J.Storm is looking like a fearsome team from NA, with all-star players that have their name known by most of us, such as Resolution, Moo (TI6 runner-up, Digital Chaos), 1437 and even DeMoN as coach. They are probably a huge favorite in the NA qualifiers but hey, there are teams that even J.Storm need to keep an eye out for.

Which brings us to Mason’s team, Black Sheep. Successfully making it into the NA qualifiers, Mason who manages to get third in TI4 back in EG (stand-in for Fear when he broke him arm). While Mason is known for his rage and tilted games while streaming on Twitch, in reality, he’s a seasoned NA player.

Then, we have Moonmeander, who used to be the Major Kings, Team OG’s offlaner. No doubt that back in the days, Moon was one of the craziest offlaners out there who is known for his aggressive plays. This is thanks to his former gaming experience as a HoN player, which many players believe is harder than Dota2.

Chapter 4: Newbee is Back?

Ah, the legendary Newbee. Who could ever forget the TI7 run by Sccc and his boys who almost defeat Team Liquid. The name Newbee has been a staple in many majors and Internationals ever since their lackluster victory in TI4 against Vici Gaming. However, back then, Sccc is not part of the TI4 Champions team, nor are any of the current players.

Right after TI7, Newbee head back into TI8 just to suffer a painful defeat in the first round of playoffs, sending them back home early. Their fame went downhill, as a TI7 runner-up to the first team to be eliminated in TI8. The Newbee squad begin to split, with Kaka and kpii initially but now, even Moogy and Fade have left his side.

Fast forward to last week, Sccc is back with a brand-new squad. Will he alone be able to carry his team of youngsters? We will just have to find out. Besides Newbee, there are also teams with big name players such as EHOME, Aster, RNG and also Sirius. But Newbee in this regional qualifiers definitely are the underdogs.

Chapter 5: Prediction Time!

Have you guys finalized your predictions? With the compendium predictions open, you guys had better place your bet on which team will be making it into TI9. Only one team from each region. Who will the underdogs be?!

Tell us in the comments, who you are hoping/expecting to qualify for TI9? Stay tuned.




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