TI3 Champions are Back!


TI3 Champions are Back!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: FACEIT Mods.

It has been an awful experience for the boys over at Team Washed Up, after their defeat and unfair treatment in the first round of open qualifiers 2 days ago. If you remember, they lost to some Russian smurfs who uses brand new accounts.

While everyone on the team was pretty frustrated about it, cancel^^ had the worst honestly. In this clip below, you can see (well, listen) how frustrated he feels about the whole situation. Apparently, the FACEIT moderators lied about the situation just to get away with it. CanceL^^ claims that they said that they were talking with Peksu 2 days ago from 12AM to 3AM about the situation.

But cancel^^ said he was also talking with Rajjix, from team Epic Name that their whole team was sleeping. So, who’s right? The mods talking with Peksu or them sleeping at that time? Anyways, FACEIT did not deal with the whole situation properly and has made it an unjust experience for the boys over at Team Washed Up.

Frustrated cancel^^: https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilConsiderateMochaMVGame

Chapter 2: LULda.

Anyways, while everyone on Team Washed Up were still pretty devastated, most have moved on and eyeing on the next round of open qualifiers. Although all of them are not playing on the same team, at least they are still taking the opportunity to play the qualifiers.

From AdmiralBulldog, we got some crazy roster in sight. Starting off with the former Captain of Alliance TI3, Loda will join his fellow teammate and co-owner of Alliance to play the open qualifiers. As if that alone isn’t enough excitement, Black^ who had recently left Infamous, will also be playing with them. To complete the roster, there’s also SunlightDota and NS (an old veteran of Dota1 who retired to be a caster).

Of course, the duo, Loda and AdmiralBulldog have sparked much surprise in the Dota community such as from Virtus.pro and Team Empire. VP definitely commented a hilarious meme about it.

Chapter 3: EGM.

Meanwhile, EGM who was formerly from Team Singularity, had formed his own team with the remaining players of Team Washed Up, more specifically, SexyBamboe and Gorgc. The new team is called Team Bald. Now you might be wondering, where is Mr CanceL^^?

Well, unfortunately for him, he was invited to join the team initially, but he declined due to personal reasons, so Team Bald found someone else instead. However, now cancel^^ does not have a team. Bad luck for him this year, hopefully he doesn’t take it too hard. Stay strong, cancel^^.

Meanwhile, Akke was unable to play the second qualifiers on both days, so he will be skipping his last shot at attending TI9.

Chapter 4: s4Head.

Among the former Alliance players, s4 has the longest run in his pro career as he consistently attended several Internationals even after the fall of Alliance back in TI6. Some notable teams he had played for is of course, Team Secret, OG and the most recent being Evil Geniuses.

It seems like most of the Alliance players are wanting to return to the pro scene, while not as the former team but with a new team. Of course, just like the case of Liquid, Alliance’s whole playstyle has been seen so many times that any team that did enough study on it, would be able to have a good shot at beating them.

Chapter 5: The Return of Alliance.

While the chances of AdmiralBulldog qualifying for TI9 is extremely low, it’s still nice to see the old members of Alliance, Loda, Akke and Bulldog playing together once in a while, to remind us of the legendary TI3 win.

It seems like FACEIT successfully hid their whole mistake under the rugs and the victim is Bulldog’s stack. Anyways, do you think Loda can attend TI9 as a team instead of a coach? Leave a comment below! Stay tuned.




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