Play like an Immortal! 7.22 Hero Meta Guide


Play like an Immortal! 7.22 Hero Meta Guide


More than 2 weeks in from the time 7.22 patch was released since then alot of trends have changed lately. Some still struggle to understand the meta and then there are those several golden people who knows exactly how to break the game. Today's topic is all about knowing the trends in different regions of the world, most picked and banned heroes with their respective winrates, Top GPM heroes, longest hero stunners,best duo drafts, even hero with the most kill percentage, and more. All data collected are played in Immortal rank so prepare to take down some notes! (Credit all goes to for sharing the information in their website. Full link will be down below.)

Most Picked Heroes

First placer is Sand King standing with a more than fair 53.94% winrate. It's no suprise really as it was even the most picked hero in ESL One Birmingham. With the new undispellable Sand Storm plus harassing Caustic Finale,he might be one of the toughest hero to contest in the offlane position currently. New buff also made his magic damage stronger, the reason why Necronomicon is one the first items build on this hero next to pipe to make him annoyingly tanky. The next on the list are quite conistently picked heroes even before the patch happened is Earth Shaker, Juggernaut, etc...

Most Banned Heroes

Right off the bat we have the mighty warrior Mars. It's considered to be one of the toxiest heroes as it can very be the strongest snowballing hero that alot of pub players use to grind MMR. His greatest ability is his ultimate Arena of Blood that can cover a fair range of ground to lock in 2 or 3 heroes if you get a good enough position added to that he can deal alot of physical damage with the correct items; Desolator being the most popular. You're gonna wanna learn this hero so if it goes free you can use it to your advantage!

Next one is Morph which is flexible hero that can play mid or safelane then IO. I think it's impressive to put here that in ESL One Birmingham, IO was the most banned hero with total of 74 bans. It's crazy to think how this hero can give alot of impact not just in the early stages with his advantageous support mechanism Tether and in the late game can be a highly dangerous opponent. If you watch Secret vs Alliance you'll know how much it's very important and strong if played properly. Then there's Naga rising being used alot as a safelane core because she can be unbelievably strong in that position right now and last is Bounty Hunter.

Favorite Pairs (Duo Heroes)

Now we have the most drafted combo heroes in game recently. First off, Sand King and Leshrac. This duo delivers a full 4 second stun and alot of magic damage to burst down a hero instantly. I'd say that it's a fair that they're on the top list since the Necronomicon buff in the game. 2 more came with SK with Lina and Templar Assasin. You can get the idea here, alot of burst magical damage and TA's physical damage can be insanely strong throughout as a match progress in the late game stages.

Most Kills

Pretty much snowballing heroes tops it like Mid Storm Spirit, Gyrocopter, Ursa, Ember Spirit, Clinkz, etc., who all in all is a decent pick in this patch.

Most Deaths

The squishiest. This data does not really mean that you should avoid them since it does not really show how much of an impact that this heroes can give before they die, it merely shows most deaths.

Most Stuns sorted Average given per hero

Here are the most stuns given by each hero lately, support players take notes! Spirit Breaker tops the list with average of 134.79 as he can generate 3 abilities to be able to lock a hero plus he got alot of buff in the 7.22 update so it's a wise choice to pick him if you can play him properly and if fits your draft. Next is Lion, Nyx Asssasin which got more and more picked recently only because he has alot of regen in the early stages, can deal a good amount of damage as an offlane and it can deliver that map control early on in the game to start the momentum.

Seriously, there's alot more where that came from and I wont be able to discuss everything here. Full data is here : . Feel free to check it out and acquire the ideas you can use to your advantage and share it to your teammates so you can pick the best of the best!




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