Valve: Are you Punks Satisfied?


Valve: Are you Punks Satisfied?

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Prepare your Wallets!

The long-awaited yet much-anticipated Collector’s Cache ONE has just been released and 18 sets including rares are available! But unlike any previous years, every set in the cache has really cool particle effects that let’s be frank here, we want to catch them all.

Thus, it’s fair to say that Valve stepped up their game so much this year and we really should be grateful that Valve still listens to their players. While these sets do not come with any actual skill change, I think for just 2.50 USD, a complete set with shiny sparkles everywhere is definitely justified.

Chapter 2: Changes.

Thanks to the millions of you guys who bought the battle pass and voted for these epic sets, we finally have a treasure consisting of every set that literally everyone would love. Not like last year where Valve intentionally adds a terribly looking set into the bunch just for the sake of it.

However, there’s definitely some changes that you and even I don’t like. First off, bad news for Rubick players, because the ultra rare this year will NOT be marketable until the end of TI10, that’s right, it’s after next year’s International. So, you either have to be really patient, or be ready to spend a good amount on this cache to get it a year early. But hey, at least it’s still available after next year, right?

Besides that, another unfortunately change is the price increase for each cache. In the previous years, the cache only cost 1.99 USD compared to the 2.50 USD this year. Obviously, it’s probably for the extra effort put into adding particle effects on every set here.

Chapter 3: Sticking with the Theme.

Now moving on to the sets. For years, Valve has shown that they only accept sets that follows the hero’s theme. For instance, the most famous incident was when the Cowboy Ursa set actually got into the game but was later removed due to its contradicting theme.

However, with the increase of sets and immortals over time, it seems like the workshop are running out of ideas to stick with the hero’s theme. Thus, we finally get crazy looking sets now! First off, it’s the cowgirl Phantom Assassin rare set. As expected, it gained a lot of attention considering the same theme it’s used on Ursa few years ago. Somehow, it got into the game, so I guess Valve doesn’t mind the crazy ideas anymore? I mean, they literally added an Own, Manta ray and Crow mount for Batrider.

Next on the list is probably not a popular hero lately, since Icefrog still wants to nerf it to oblivion, despite having the lowest winrate already. Chen with its Harambe mount. Maybe with this set, we might be able to see more Chen players in the pubs!

Then, there’s also an Aladdin themed Enigma, who looks fancy as hell like Will Smith in the new Aladdin movie. But thankfully, the Elf-themed Drow set is also included as a normal set. It really resembles that World of Warcraft vibes.

Chapter 4: Support Players’ Dream.

It’s definitely nice to see Valve giving some love to support players, with at least 10 support hero sets, it’s definitely a dream come true. We don’t get this much goodies all year round! Grimstroke who has been quite a popular support pick lately, finally gets a decent set. Now he looks like an ancient dragon that covers his horrible looking face.

Dazzle has not gotten a set for years, and the only good one was that 1K USD ultra rare set that released 4 years ago. Finally, we got a menacing looking Dazzle set to use! The best part is that all the particles are on parts that don’t use the immortal!

Oracle has also been a popular support pick spam thanks to its very powerful skills, his set makes him look like a pharaoh’s tomb, with all those Egyptian theme happening. Of course, it comes with really cool particles as well!

Lastly, Earth Spirit set looks just as good as its meta, with particles and that tribal mask on his face. It really reminds me of that “Zuma” game we used to play as kids. Oh, did I mention that it has a freaking Anaconda around his neck?!

Chapter 5: Worth Getting?

Well, if you have some cash to spare, I don’t see why not? It’s limited edition and is only for sale for 30 days. Not to mention that opening all 15 gives you a whopping 27 levels, and the sets that you don’t want? You can recycle them for 2 levels!

I know that many are actually disappointed that sets like the Parrot Necro and Ancient Ruins Brood didn’t make it. But hey, good news! Cache 2 is still available! Stay tuned and enjoy TI9.




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