AdmiralBulldog Goes Pro?!


AdmiralBulldog Goes Pro?!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: New Team, New TI.

Alright jokes aside, the grand Twitch Rivals Showdown took place 2 days ago, with 8 team palying for a share of 50K USD. One of the teams invited is no other than AdmiralBulldog himself. However, with s4 and Loda being busy preparing for the TI9 games, he doesn’t have his Tea Eye winning crew.

Featuring on Bulldog’s team, it’s BananaSlamJamma who is the only name you would recognized from the bunch. The others being inK, caitlin (yes, it’s a girl!) and zimmey. Looking at the roster, I can’t help but smile about how epic this team would be.

Chapter 2: SYND LUL.

The games are all best-of-one, so the first series is against his long-time nemesis, Synderen. However, before we proceed, this “possibly better than TI” tournament hosted by Twitch, is a REVERSE captain’s mode game. This means that you draft for your enemies instead of yourself!

Facing Synderen, Bulldog knows what everyone’s weaknesses are, so he obviously picked Lone Druid for Synderen. And damn did it work. Synderen was so bad at controlling his bear, it died too many times. But that’s not all, Synderen’s draft for Bulldog’s team was kind of a stab into themselves. Giving super strong teamfight heroes (like Clinkx, Weaver and Bristleback) along with Medusa?!

No doubt that it was an easy game for the former TI3 Champ.

Chapter 3: Remember Demon?

The former veteran player, Demon, who used to play for EG and TNC, is now just a coach for team J.Storm. Despite having several pro players in his team, he still managed to lose against AdmiralBulldog’s stack of barely pros.

Once again, it was an easy game for Bulldog’s Antimage, as all he needed was to farm. Damn, he didn’t even need to be carrying his team. His team was just too strong despite having lack of disables. So, Demon sealed their graves similar to Synderen.

Then the last team in his group, is Gunnar’s stack of NA and CIS players, which is a bad idea considering the game isn’t actually LAN, so CIS players are going to have quite some fun playing with lag. Anyways, it wouldn’t change the fact that Bulldog won again, keeping his win streak!

Chapter 4: Grand Finals.

On the other group, a former Navi player, Funnik, who got second place in TI3, against Alliance, also had a decent run against Purge, mason and GrandGrant’s team. So, both Funnik and Bulldog are facing each other in the grand finals to decide who will be bringing home 19K USD!

The 2 retired players have faced each other countless of times especially during TI3 to TI4 period. It was also the time when Alliance and Navi start being pretty bad and unable to get top 6 in Internationals.

Anyways, AdmiralBulldog was pretty good at giving horrible drafts for his enemies as we see the effect of it where Funnik’s team played like a bunch of clowns. Within 3 hours, the grand finals end and AdmiralBulldog claims the 19K USD winnings. Talk about easy money!

Chapter 5: Bulldog’s Career.

Unfortunately, AdmiralBulldog will NOT be coming back into the pro scene. After all, he once said that being a pro player is tough, playing more than 11 hours a day, practicing bootcamping just for a chance at winning some cash.

The streaming job is much more fun for him and for us viewers too obviously! Who doesn’t like getting banned on his stream for no goddamn reason? Anyways, stay tuned as the final minor is coming soon.




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