Teams Fight for TI9 Tickets!


Teams Fight for TI9 Tickets!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Last Minor.

In just 6 days, 8 teams will fight against each other for 2 slots to the last Major of the DPC season. While some teams have already secured their ticket to TI9 like Ninjas in Pyjamas, others still want that last shot at getting into the biggest eSports championship of the year, The Internationals.

Today we take a look at these teams who are actually very close to getting the last 4 slots still available for every team out there.

Chapter 2: Last Shot.

The 2 teams that are very close to getting into top 12 in DPC rankings, is first, Mineski. If you didn’t know, the iconic TI7 Newbee support player, Kpii, came all the way to SEA, more specifically, Malaysia, where he has been practicing with Malaysian and Filipino players since post-TI8. It was a rough start for Mineski, with constant roster shuffle, and more recently they kicked Febby too.

But it seems like Mineski is finally qualifying for the minors and majors. This minor will be their last shot at getting invited to TI9, but they will need to secure top 2 in it. Else, Mineski needs to be prepared to play one hell of a qualifiers for TI9 soon.

The same can be said for Alliance. While the former Alliance roster that won them the nostalgic TI3, has retired and some still playing for the big team like s4, the only player still remaining is Loda as the coach. Over the months, Loda has made good use of his experience as the TI Champion, to guide the young bloods currently in his team for yet another TI.

Chapter 3: Uneasy.

While it’s an all-or-nothing scenario for the boys over at Mineski and Alliance, EHOME however has to play to ensure that they don’t lose their spot in the top 12. Although EHOME is holding the 12th spot in the DPC rankings, their position is not permanent as any team below them can still push them out of the top 12 and that’s probably the worst feeling to have if you are in this situation.

Not to mention that EHOME actually has 4 TI Champions on his team, from Wings Gaming, Invictus Gaming and even Newbee. Talk about an all-star team!

Chapter 4: Underdogs.

While the teams above are in the top 20s, they still have to worry about the anonymous new teams that just made their debut in their first ever minor of the season. Hey, it’s never too late to start qualifying.

The first being Team Sirius, led by veteran player, Sylar. Sylar has had a rough season right after he joined Burning’s team, Aster. Being memed by the Chinese community as the “measuring unit” for level of pro team. If you don’t understand, here’s an example. Aster translates to “tea leaves”, so Chinese Dota fans has started saying “TNC is worth 2 leaves”, which basically means TNC’s level is pretty low. Meanwhile, Secret and has infinity leaves due to their major wins. Definitely feels horrible to be used as meme material when you used to play for some of the biggest Chinese teams, eh?

Besides them, there’s also representatives from other regions, such as compLexity from NA. The compLexity story is probably one of the saddest. After qualifying for Chongqing major, the team had to withdraw or forcibly disqualified after their former player, Skem, made a horrible mistake. It could have been great with EE on their side too, but things didn’t go as expected. However, at least they are back for the minors, right?

Anyways, next on the list is from SA, the only region worse than NA, Team Anvorgesa. Featuring players from Peru, you probably never heard of any of these player names. I mean, do you even know who’s Stinger or Wisper? Well, maybe with this minor, they can make an image for themselves with a good run. The only time a SA team made an epic run in a major was Ad Finem, with their Sparta calls. Damn, I miss those boys.

Finally, it’s Winstrike all the way from mother Russia. One thing that’s interesting about this team in particular is the star player, Lil, being in it. After months of “unemployment” aka not having a team, Lil finally found a team, hopefully one that can bring him to TI9. After all, he did promote himself the other day that he will carry his team to TI9.

Chapter 5: Just for Fun?!

Special mention goes to Ninjas in Pyjamas who already qualified for TI9 but hey, who doesn’t want to play in a major if given the chance, eh? That’s probably what PPD is thinking. After all, it gives them more opportunities to practice too!

Looking at the 8 teams, I just don’t see how NIP could not secure top 2. Thus, that means the other 7 teams will be fighting for that one spot only! Talk about competition...

Who are you rooting for, guys? (P.s: Do you know that girl in chapter 2?) Tell us in the comments! Of course, stay tuned!




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