WIN MMR using Aghanim’s Scepter!


WIN MMR using Aghanim’s Scepter!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Here we go Again.

It’s that time of the month again, new patch and updates, but this time, Icefrog delivers everyone’s constant nagging for decades, “GIVE EVERYONE SCEPTERS!” and Icefrog probably had enough of our rantings (good job Reddit!).

Now that every hero gets a scepter, here’s some of the most OP scepter buffs in this patch, so before the season ends, grind some easy MMR!

Chapter 2: The biggest oversight with Dark Willow...

Classic meme but anyways, while Dark Willow did get nerfed into oblivion, things aren’t that bad if you plan on being a pos4 or pos3 carry because the new scepter buff is just too damn insane. The new effect basically lets Dark Willow to remain in an unkillable form in “Shadow Realm” even when you have attacked someone.

That means the high one-time burst damage has turned into a 200-300 damage auto-attack skill. Imagine rushing scepter then followed by high attack speed items like Moon shard or Mjolnir, you are going to hit like a truck while no one can even click you!

Chapter 3: Tanks are Tankier Now.

It’s been a while since we see Death Prophet being played often even in pro games, but I think the new scepter upgrade might just get more players to use her now! What it does is that every time DP hits her skill on any enemy hero, a “ghost” will be sent out to attack that enemy for double the damage!

But that isn’t even the main point here. It’s the fact that it also heals DP when it returns like her ultimate, making it almost impossible to kill her. Think about it, she has 2 AOE skills that are bound to hit 2-3 enemy units at once, if you cast your Swarm at a creep wave, that’s 5 ghosts!

Another honorable mention goes to Abaddon, where his Scepter instead of healing himself, heals his teammates nearby who are receiving damage. Each time his friend gets damaged more than 525 damage, he automatically launches a Mist Coil (the healing skill) on them without using your HP! But do keep in mind that it only works when Abaddon’s ultimate is active.

Earthshaker players will think twice before blinking into your team!

Chapter 4: King of Illusions.

The next hero is also a carry, Monkey King who gets a new scepter upgrade. Although he’s actually really OP already, there’s no reason why not to give him a more traumatizing upgrade! His scepter lets him spawn a maximum of 3 “Monkey soldiers” aka unmovable illusions, similar to his ultimate. It will attack anyone within a certain range.

But that’s not all obviously, because it also attacks buildings too! Imagine MK having 3 illusions that hits at the same damage as him. It only takes 3.5 seconds to spawn one so if you even get teamwiped by a team that has a MK with scepter, needless to say that you are going to love more than just towers.

Chapter 5: RIP Supports.

Ever played as a pos5 support with no items against an enemy Spectre? Every time he haunts, you feel like he literally haunts you for life as you die to its illusion. Guess what, Icefrog have heard your prayers and is letting this mad reaper do it to supports every 70 seconds!

The new upgrade gives Spectre a solo Haunt skill that you can target on ANY HERO on the map! This is definitely what fuels nightmares for supports, thanks Icefrog!

Chapter 6: AdmiralBulldog. Nerfed.

One of the most interesting scepter upgrades of this patch is definitely Tiny. Not that we want to complain since he hasn’t gotten any love since ages! No new cosmetics for almost 4 years and barely any decent buff. It’s finally time.

Tiny’s new skill lets him target an area where nearby trees are continuously thrown at that very spot! Tiny’s ultimate already gives him a naturally high attack damage and these trees deal 120% of his damage. In just 2.4 seconds, a good 5-6 trees can be throw at that spot, dealing enough damage to kill even a farmed carry if you can stun him long enough!

Also, even if it doesn’t work out, it’s just fun to watch trees being throw into the air.

Chapter 7: GL HF.

Now, there’s no doubt that there’s more heroes with unique skills that makes them viable heroes to play now such as Grimstroke and Alchemist. The sky’s the limit! Try out a hero with any of these new scepters and have fun! Tell us what are your favorites! I certainly love the new Dragon Knight Black Dragon! Stay tuned.




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