7.22: Scepter Galore


7.22: Scepter Galore

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After thousands of games and hours played, the day we all wanted has finally arrived-7.22 is now here with map updates, creep and tower reworks, items, hero initial attack speed and base mana regen, addition of Mars and IO to captain's mode, but most importantly, everyone is now given Aghanim’s Scepter along with several reworks. In this article, we will only cover the updates regarding Scepter upgrades.

Today, Valve posted the major Scepter update that allows everyone to consume the item with a 2000 gold recipe, but without the secondary stats. In the third death, Roshan randomly drops either a Refresher Shard or a Scepter buff item and in his fourth death, Roshan drops both.


First, let us go through the reworked Scepter versions starting with Abaddon. His old upgrade allows him to absorb a percentage of allies’ received damage in a range during borrowed time, but this time, when Abaddon’s ult is active, any ally within 1600 range of him that receives more than 525 damage, an automatic mist coil will be added. Note that this upgrade still increases his ult by one second.

Before, Alche just gives Scepter buffs to allies without any improvements for him, but now, each Scepter that he will give to allies or Scepter equipped will grant him +30 damage and 6% spell amp. This can now encourage Alche players to give out Scepters for that additional damage.

Axe now has greater potential with Scepter because before, an AOE Battle Hunger is activated only after a successful Culling Blade, but in 7.22, his W becomes a 400 range AOE ability.

For Beastmaster, purchasing Aghanims removes the cooldown of Wild Axes once it has returned to him.

For Elder Titan, Echo Stomp makes him spell immune while channelling and additional 2 seconds per affected hero. Get ready for an unstoppable Elder Titan that will hit your pubs.

Aside from tankier eggs, the Phoenix Scepter rework allows it to cast Sun Ray during Supernova. For Razor, his ult’s Scepter buff now hits two different units but he now loses the increased attack rate. Note that his ult will still affect buildings. For Windranger, additional two charges on Windrun as well as increasing movement speed by 45%.

For Chaos Knight, Dazzle, KOTL, Mirana, Slark, Spirit Breaker, Tidehunter, and Winter Wyvern, their Scepter reworks focus only on damage reduction, AOE range, channelling time, and mana cost.


It seems that Valve finally finished the Scepter buff as they added upgrades to the 24 heroes were left behind in this buff. Here are the heroes’ new skills and improvements with the Aghanim’s Scepter.

Anti-Mage: Another strong addition to AM’s killing power is that every time someone is killed with Mana Void, the killed hero will have an additional 70-second cooldown on their highest cooldown ability once they respawn. This also increases Mana Void’s stun duration by one second.

Arc Warden: The primordial mind shows off its lore power with the additional skill called Rune Forge, a 60-second cooldown skill which allows him to create a random rune in front of him. This can range from bounty to runes to powerups such as Double Damage and Haste. Time to pray to RNGesus for some lucky runes.

Broodmother: The powerful arachnid becomes the next Sonic the Hedgehog with the increase of Spin Web Count from 8 to 20 as well as increasing the movement speed bonus from 70% to 100% and removing the movement speed limit.

Clinkz: When exiting Wind Walk, Clinkz now summons two skeletons near him and increases Wind Walk speed by +30% and unlocks max movement speed. Prepare to be killed by another skeleton army.

Dark Willow: With Scepter, attacking will not remove Dark Willow out of her Shadow Realm, but the bonus damage is still added based on the buff’s duration. With that, Willow can easily outplay enemies with Shadow Realm jukes.

Death Prophet: When she attacks an enemy or her non-ult skills reaches an enemy, a ghost will fly out and attack the enemy with twice the usual damage. Not only that, the ghost will return to you with life after they apply a 100% slow to the enemy for 0.3 seconds.

Dragon Knight: The dragons finally lend the knight their maximum power with a fourth dragon. This Black Dragon combines the powers of the preceding dragons with 50% more Corrosive and Splash Damage, as well as the slow amount. It even increases the attack range by 600 as well as +30% magic resistance.

Ember Spirit: The last spirit that gets an upgrade has its Fire Remnant cast range is three times longer, and initial remnant speed is twice as fast. The charges is also increased to five and activating it does not require any mana.

Grimstroke: Similar to old Morphling, Grim’s Scepter upgrade creates an ink illusion of a target that is spell-immune and +30% move speed that takes 200% incoming and 150% outgoing damage that lasts for 20 seconds.

IO: Its upgrade passively spawns Spirits around it every second, with limit of five spirits.

Lycan: This heavy pusher’s Scepter buff causes one of three creepwaves to spawn with two uncontrollable wolves that moves the same speed as the creeps. However, this are still your units so you can use your skills to buff them.

Mars: The newest hero changes the cooldown of God’s Rebuke to 1.4 seconds when during Arena of Blood. Casting his ult also resets the cooldown of God’s Rebuke.

Monkey King: When not invisible or hiding in trees, MK summons a monkey soldier every 3.5 seconds. The soldiers will attack any target but only attack buildings when you are not of 500 range near them. The soldiers last for 12 seconds.

Night Stalker: The bat-man now applies Void to a 900 AoE around him as well as increasing the ministun duration from 0.1 to 0.6 and reducing the cooldown by two seconds. Another reason to avoid and fear the Night.

Pangolier: When casting Shield Crash, the Pango casts a two-attack Swashbuckle every 90 degrees around him. This seems that the procs from his skills will also apply.

Phantom Assassin: With the upgrade, Blur’s cooldown is reduced to 12 seconds. It now has a dispel and instant cast time, along with it, each time PA gets a kill, her abilities are refreshed.

Slardar: The Slithereen Guard now creates a puddle every time he casts a stun. This puddle provides plus 25HP regen, +12 armor, and +40% Status Resistance. The puddle also applies the Guardian Sprint bonuses when Slardar walks on it. The puddle has 550 AOE range and lasts for 25 seconds.

Spectre: A new skill for Spectre called Shadow Step allows her to cast a single target unit Haunt with a 70 second cooldown. This will now allow her to solo kill without wasting ult.

Templar Assassin: to give her more mobility, TA’s Scepter upgrade gived her Psionic Projection- a new skill that allows her to teleport to any Psionic Trap after two seconds. This does not break her Meld, but detonates the trap upon arrival. Ready your detections boys.

Terrorblade: When Metamorphosis is casted, a wave will travel around him and everyone except spell immune units will be feared for three seconds when they are hit. When you see a TB before Meta, run away!

Tiny: A channeling ability called Tree Volley. Every 0.4 seconds, a random tree within 525 range of Tiny will be thrown towards the targeted AOE that deals 120% of your damage to them in a 400 AOE.

Troll Warlord: Reduces the cooldown of Battle Trance to 35 seconds and can now be casted on enemies and allies, but for enemies the duration is only half. The cast range is 625. Will we now see a hitting Troll force enemies to attack him or his allies?

The cores will now have a dilemma of purchasing Scepter, will it be worth their farm?

What do you think of the upgrades?

Have you already tried them in-game? Share your discoveries with us in the comments!




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