What Happened to Sccc and Newbee?


What Happened to Sccc and Newbee?

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: The Immortals.

The days of Newbee have been rough since last year, with that early elimination in TI8 by a random nobody team, Winstrike. However, let’s not just bash on Newbee for being so bad lately. Since TI4, Newbee has been a staple in Internationals, even until TI8.

After all, Newbee is the International 4 Champions, however, those were achieved by a former player, xiao8 and most of the former Champions are not on the team anymore except Faith. But even the current Newbee do not have any of those TI champions anymore.

Unlike many teams, Newbee’s days right after TI4 was still rather great, as they almost won TI7 against Liquid, however that last game in the grand finals sealed their fates as the runner-up instead.

Chapter 2: Washed Up.

Right after TI8, it all went downhill for the blue warriors as Kpii and Kaka left the team. Their TI8 run definitely hit them hard. According to Kpii, he feels that Newbee is where it belongs to, which is a tier-2 team when they lost against Winstrike in TI8.

But that was just the beginning of the worst to come. Newbee consistently have a roster shuffle, keeping only Faith, Sccc and Moogy while the other 2 players are being experimented. If the results are bad, they will be changed immediately. Over the past months, Newbee have had more than 7 player change.

And at this point, even Moogy wants to take a break from his longest serving team. (Moogy has been on Newbee since late 2016!)

Chapter 3: TI9 Impossible.

Just yesterday, the China qualifiers for the last minor, Starladder ImbaTV has concluded. Newbee unfortunately did not stand a chance against the other teams as they get eliminated in the group stage. Losing against the decently balanced team, EHOME and Sylar’s new team, Sirius.

Along with Newbee is Aster who also got eliminated in the group stage but their results were a little better. With the minor ticket gone, Newbee do not have any other way of entering TI9.

Chapter 4: TI Qualifiers.

Of course, the TI qualifiers are yet to happen. But looking at Newbee’s current state, it’s difficult to even think that Newbee can survive the open qualifiers. As the Chinese pro scene gets stronger by the day, the once legendary team Newbee will soon be forgotten.

Newbee’s former support player, Kaka, definitely seen better days as his team Keen Gaming is actually progressing at a commendable rate. While they do qualify for majors and minors often, it’s still not enough to compete against stronger teams like Secret and Virtus.pro.

But hey, at least they are in the top 12 DPC rankings. Looking how things are, chances are Keen Gaming already secured their spot in TI9. They are at the 9th place just behind NIP who qualified for TI9. However, compared to NIP, Keen’s points is only half of NIP’s.

Meanwhile, Kpii who’s currently in Mineski is not doing great either, but compared to Newbee, it’s definitely better. Mineski will not be able to get a direct invite to TI9 since they didn’t qualify for the EPICENTER major.

Chapter 5: Reunion.

The Newbee squad has brought a lot of emotions to fans worldwide in their TI7 True Sight movie, where we see the sobbing Newbee players as they were just so close to becoming Champions. With the players divided, there’s definitely fans out there who are hoping to see the 5 players meeting up in the grandest event of eSports, The International 9. Stay tuned.




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