Kuku rides TNC into TI9.


Kuku rides TNC into TI9.

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Chapter 1: The Fallen Heroes.

Right after TI8, the fate of SEA teams has been very pitiful for the first couple of months, even heading into 2019, teams like Fnatic and TNC struggle to find a spot in the DPC tournaments, be it Major or minor.

However, unlike Fnatic, who probably has seen better days than other SEA teams, TNC’s journey was just a bump in the road after the other. From accidentally creating the biggest Dota drama in 2018 to adding fuel to the flame by making up false stories. This landed them a ban on Kuku from playing in Chongqing major as Valve felt that they are creating more drama than they already did. Anyways, bad news aside, TNC still played Chongqing major but unfortunately gets eliminated early by Team Liquid, who at that time, was also in really bad shape without Miracle.

Chapter 2: Road to Recovery.

After Chongqing major, many in the community thought that it would be the end of the Kuku drama but when TNC qualified for the WESG 2018 held in Chongqing again, hew as once again banned by the government there. Despite Valve’s statement claiming that the Chinese local government were not the ones who ban Kuku and the ban is only for Chongqing major. Anyways, TNC was wise this time around and played without Kuku. Fortunately, they were able to win the WESG 2018.

During this time, TNC’s state was just hopeless as they fail to qualify for both Dream League and Paris majors. Even when they tried to qualify for the minors, they failed once again. At this point, there’s literally no hope for TNC.

Chapter 3: TNC is Back.

Alright boys, time for some good news. TNC finally was able to attend the next and last major, EPICENTER. Even securing first place in the SEA qualifiers against the likes of Fnatic and Mineski, there’s no doubt that TNC has been working hard lately.

Since it finally paid off, here’s some predictions on whether if TNC would qualify for TI9. Being at the 11th spot in DPC rankings, TNC’s points are 300 points less than OG who’s at tenth place. But the main competition here for TNC is J.Storm and EHOME. Luckily, both teams did not make it to the Major, but we don’t know whether if they could get in through the minor.

With only 1300 points required to officially qualify for TI9, TNC need to get at least a fourth place in EPICENTER, which let’s be honest here is almost impossible with so many monsters in the major already. TNC had better hope that none of those teams below them manage to secure any better rank than them for EPICENTER or else, TNC might just miss a very close invite to TI9.

Chapter 4: There’s Still Hope.

Of course, it’s not the end for TNC even if they don’t make it into the top 12 teams in DPC rankings as there’s always room in the TI9 qualifiers. Since they are pretty stable recently, there’s no doubt that their probability of qualifying through the qualifiers are rather high.

Well then, do you think Kuku and his squad will make it into TI9 to represent SEA region? After all, everyone loves to watch how they take down big teams from past Internationals. Leave a comment below! Stay tuned.




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