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Chapter 1: Tilted.

Heading back to the Paris major today, while the crowd might not be anywhere close to being considered a lot, at least, the games are looking pretty good. First off, LGD versus In game 1, LGD played their game right as they know that they would win the late game anyways, so they decide to play a more passive game, where each lane just get the farm they need. did the same too.

However, thanks to Fy, LGD was able to secure many pickoffs that bought space for his cores while Chalice on Dark Seer has always been in top form. I would even go as far to say that Chalice rarely screws up during laning. Anyways,’s decision to last-pick Storm Spirit just to avoid giving it to Somnus, backfired as Somnus didn’t even fringe to swap to playing Medusa mid.

In the second game, VP was looking way better this time, even having a good chance at winning it according to Dota Plus. With Rodjer making those blackholes and even having refresher shard, they were able to teamwipe LGD. Yet, when they were able to push high-ground, they screwed up and got teamwiped instead. That opportunity Rodjer made for his team, just went to waste like that. LGD was able to secure Aegis back and eventually win the game as 9pasha’s Brew kept getting caught off-guard, dying one too many times as he loses his buyback too.

Thus, is eliminated from the Paris major, and is their first ever major where they did not get top 2. What a way to reclaim your legacy as LGD after so many majors of bad results!

Chapter 2: LULquid.

Yet another epic series and it’s not even the last for today, it’s Liquid versus Vici Gaming, TI7 Champions versus Major Champions. No words can describe how strong VG looked in this game against Liquid as Miracle’s Troll could do absolutely nothing against VG, even killing a Disruptor will cost him his life. It reached late game at some point while VG was more than happy to maintain their 16k gold lead, Liquid on the other hand, is desperate to make something happen.

That’s where Miracle looked so desperate to kill a Disruptor as he didn’t stop chasing him for more than 10 seconds. Meanwhile Mind_Control is just not having a good day as he just couldn’t Doom anyone at the right time to make it worth it. Vici Gaming was too strong as Paparazi’s Monkey King and Ori’s Medusa marches into Liquid’s base. Shout out to Yang’s Brew who made all these pickoffs possible with his perfect Brew ultimate usage.

Going into game 2, it’s Liquid’s turn to be the hunters as MATUMBAMAN’s Brood are hungry for a win while Miracle’s Monkey King is just as scary too. Despite Paparazi’s best efforts to keep up with them, he alone wasn’t enough to 1v5 Team Liquid.

With the series tied, it comes down to the final game. VG dominated most of the time in this game, yet one bad Roshan fight costed them the Aegis. That was when it all went downhill as VG could not kill Miracle’s Medusa at that last moment where he used Cheese. Paparazi’s PA had no buyback and Liquid knew it’s game over as they go for the GG Push. Liquid proceeds to the top 6 as they earn their most DPC points since post-TI8.

Chapter 3: The Champions are Back.

Moving on to the most important series of the day, it’s Secret versus OG. Game 1, Secret shows their dominance as the strongest team right now, with Nisha being literally impossible to kill, 20 kills, zero deaths. But it’s Zai (Puck) and Midone (Storm) making the initiation. OG instead looks very out of shape as even Ana’s PA could not deal with Secret. Game 1 goes to Secret.

Next up, OG went for a unconventional lineup, Ana Bounty Hunter and Topson QOP, not something you see every day. The laning phase is a disaster for OG as Midone on Monkey King along with Puppey and Yapzor, destroy the bottom lane. While Ana managed to regain some momentum after his level 6, Secret just continue to push their limits by consistently bring the team fight to OG. OG was not ready at all, even Topson’s QOP died too many times despite being so elusive. Secret just shows OG that they need to do better than their current state if they want to go to TI9.

Chapter 4: Remember your Captain.

What do you say when you meet your former captain who led you to become the TI5 Champions? Well, you spam the chat wheel, of course! Anyways, in game 1, we got an intensely long game with Arteezy and Sumail carrying the game. NIP did a decent work of gaining so much momentum in the midgame with Ace’s Arc Warden yet compared to Arteezy’s Drow and Sumail’s Morphling, it was too much for him to deal with. Game 1 finally drops to EG after an hour.

It’s game 2 and this time, NIP secured the game with Ace’s Sven being on steroids. RTZ’s Lycan and Sumail’s Sniper were just too vulnerable against NIP’s offensive lineup such as Shadow Demon and Shadow Shaman. Looks like NIP survives for another game!

Damn, EG and NIP just don’t seem to stop their momentum as they continue the massacre even in the final game. This time, RTZ picks his signature Spectre while Sumail gets Leshrac. NIP did a great job building up their gold lead yet 2 fights at the end was all it takes to destroy a 21k gold difference. Ace’s Wraith King just gets kited so much that his impact is not great as Cr1t- even went carry mode with his Enigma. EG proceeds and has earned top 3 finish!

Chapter 5: It’s Getting Close.

It’s going to be the second last day of the Paris Major later, with TI Champions clashing, Liquid and OG are playing for the top 4 finish. Stay tuned, as it’s not stopping anytime soon!




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