PPD: Champions mean NOTHING!


PPD: Champions mean NOTHING!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: FLY.

On the fourth day of the epic Disneyland Major, we got ourselves a classic EG versus Liquid, just in time before the battle pass released. And of course, if you are reading this, the battle pass should have gone live and you are ready to throw your wallet at Valve.

Anyways, Liquid’s journey post-TI8 has been a rough one, from skipping the first Kuala Lumpur major, to not having Miracle available for Chongqing major, it seems like there’s no stopping Liquid from getting out of the majors early. So, coming into the major, Liquid is at the twelfth place in the DPC rankings.

Facing Evil Geniuses who has already qualified for the TI9, I would have to say that Liquid didn’t look half bad, comparing their previous performance in other majors, where they ended last place. This time, Liquid was able to secure a quick first game, where Matumbaman absolutely destroys mid lane against s4.

It was clear that EG didn’t expect that last pick Broodmother and was forced to put Centaur mid to avoid losing heavily. This unideal situation led to EG’s odd draft and lane, thus EG knew it was impossible to win after Brood got so big already.

Chapter 2: Calculated Victory.

Once again, we see EG spam the same hero for the whole major just like how they pick PA every game in Dream League, this time, it’s the Drow Ranger carry. First picking Drow, it was clear that EG was not worried about it getting countered.

Liquid tried to counter Drow by picking heroes that makes them harder to kill against Drow such as Winter Wyvern with her heal and Enchantress with her passive attack speed slow. However, this time Arteezy is in good shape as he is able to maintain an impossible net worth of 30k despite having Alchemist in his team, who has only 20k. But that’s also because Sumail was kind enough to donate 2 scepters to Arteezy’s Drow and Cr1t-‘s Earthshaker.

While game 2 was a long one, EG ended it quick in the final game with a classic Arteezy Lycan. EG is one of those teams that has favour Lycan as their hard carry while we don’t see it picked by many teams at all. Yet, they always make it work, coupled with Sumail’s Outworld Devourer, EG was able to stomp the early to midgame since Sumail is having a good game. Just like that, EG proceeds further into the upper bracket to face NIP.

Chapter 3: Dethroned!

The Dream League major champions versus the minor champions, VG versus Ninjas in Pyjamas, who would win? In the first game, NIP starts off the series with an incredible deathball draft, picking pushing lineup such as Lone Druid and Shadow Shaman. Not only that PPD also picked Lich to make sure the Bear is impossible to kill. The game has been one-sided since it begin and it felt like VG was a little cocky there letting NIP get such a dream hero combo.

Anyways, VG was quick to realise they can’t give NIP any more handicap and proceeds to stomp NIP in the second game. With Paparazi’s signature PA and Magnus combo, VG throws out a huge threat against NIP. Making sure the game do not go late, VG did not waste time in taking objectives and ganking Ace’s Medusa who was hoping to have a peaceful time farming his jungle. Game 2 drops to VG in just 20 minutes.

While VG looked like they are back in their expected shape since last major (and minor) win, it seems like the hellhole where NIP has been playing in, EU qualifiers has made them tougher than any other region. In game 3, NIP brought back an Ace favourite since his time in Secret last year, Phantom Lancer.

Given a good game, Ace rushed big items such as a Heart and an early Diffusal blade to deal with Ori’s Medusa. But he’s not the only highlight in this game as Saksa stepped up his Blackhole lands that secured big kills such as Paparazi, letting them take out the base or force them to buy back. No doubt, NIP deserves the win here as they proceed to face a bigger threat than VG, Evil Geniuses but for PPD, it’s family reunion tomorrow but it’s in-game.

Chapter 4: EEliminated.

Today, another 2 teams are eeliminated from the major and unfortunately, it’s going to be a SA team. It’s the clash of the regionals, paiN Gaming versus Chaos Esports. By record, Chaos Esports is the more consistent team as they have attended every major through the SA qualifiers.

However, it seems like the best that they could reach in each major is just winning the first best-of-1 and they will see themselves out. Even so, their participation landed them a 9th to 12th place in each major, except this time. PaiN Gaming makes a comeback with proper blackhole and good saves by the Oracle. Chaos know they need to kill Oracle if they want to win the fights, but they just couldn’t kill him as his team backs him up. Chaos is out!

Meanwhile, Fnatic versus Keen Gaming, a best-of-1 you didn’t expect to see from these 2 teams. But with Fnatic performing badly recently, here they are against Keen Gaming. Keen Gaming on the other hand had a decent excuse for ending up here as they couldn’t defeat Liquid twice.

Unfortunately for Fnatic, they just didn’t play their game. Abed feared to initiate fights as he keeps getting destroyed before he could land his combo as Invoker. The same can be said for MP as his Juggernaut is just impactless. While iceiceice is playing his part as Pangolier and doing well, it just wasn’t enough. Fnatic is the fourth team to leave Paris Major.

Chapter 5: Battle Pass!

It’s a day off from the major as the Battle Pass is released, what is your favorite feature from the new battle pass? Stay tuned!




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