EEliminated from Major.


EEliminated from Major.

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: WTF is LGD Doing?!

The MDL Disneyland starts off the day with an epic clash between titans, Secret versus LGD and that’s not even the end of it because later, it’s versus the TI8 Champions, OG. Good day to say the least.

Anyways, LGD is looking real sloppy in the first playoffs game against Secret. Like really? Picking Phoenix after Secret first-picked Drow and Morphling?! Despite how good FY is on his signature Phoenix, it was just a complete counter for the egg. Then there’s another questionable mid pick for Somnus, which is Batrider, that is just as useless. Without any much late game potential except Ame’s Naga, it wasn’t enough against Secret’s aura team.

Chapter 2: Greedy Puppey.

In game 2, Secret got a little too cocky this time, picking signature heroes for all 3 players, Yapzor Rubick, Zai Pudge and also Nisha Morphling. As if that weren’t enough, he even picked Midone Alchemist.

Unfortunately, LGD was not going to let that slide and punished Secret with Somnus picking his favorite Storm while Ame picking Ursa to counter Alchemist. LGD do made some questionable plays but it wasn’t enough to throw them this game. LGD evens the series with a dominating game 2!

Coming into game 3, it’s Secret back on their level as Nisha gets Antimage after LGD picked Morphling to prevent Nisha from picking it. But it all backfired. While Nisha had a bad time at mid as Antimage, Midone is always there to back Secret up in that rare occasion of Nisha getting shut down in the early game. Midone’s Monkey King was so strong in the midgame that it bought enough space and time for Nisha to get back into the game and was able to 1v5 LGD heroes!

The TI8 runner-up drops to the lower bracket while Secret proceeds further in the upper brackets!

Chapter 3: Major Kings versus TI Champions.

Now, the hype of the day, VP versus OG. Boy did OG make their debut strong in their first major as they stomp through in game 1. The TI Champions are looking as smooth as they once were back in TI8 as Ana on Drow couldn’t die with Notail spamming the heals and shields on her. This overextended so long that it bought enough time for Jerax to blink echo-slam on VP.

Due to the lack of damage from VP, VP gets teamwiped and they realized they couldn’t kill Drow, calls GG prematurely at only 23 minutes. But let’s be frank here, VP knew it was already over. OG’s classic style of playing around Ana only, seems to pay off not just in this game but in TI8 too.

Chapter 4: Move Aside for the Champions.

If OG isn’t back, I don’t know when will they be, because the boys sponsored by RedBull just rolled over the bears like they are Winnie the Pooh. After that first game ending so early at only 23 minutes, guess what, it could be earlier in game 2.

OG drafted a classic PA plus Magnus lineup and even got Notail his Abaddon. Kind of odd that VP did not ban Abaddon after that game 1 because history repeats itself and Notail’s Abaddon is making sure Ana will never die! While his team focused their priorities on keeping him safe, PA is just doing her things, “one-criting” even a core.

VP calls it quit, and drops down to the lower bracket early!

Chapter 5: Kicked Gunnar for THIS?!

That’s the statement thousands of viewers spammed on Twitch stream during EE’s game because to be frank, Ryoya is not a great replacement but he is still carrying the team. Anyways, just like what the casters said, no roster change can guarantee success. Beastcoast is the first team to be eliminated from the Paris Major.

Chapter 6: What’s Up Later?

The excitement do not end here just yet! Another El Clásico is going to happen, which is Evil Geniuses versus Team Liquid. Team Liquid has not been on the upper brackets for quite a while now and this time around, they definitely want to get top 3 to secure their ticket to TI9. Stay tuned!




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