Do Febby Deserve the Mercedes Benz sedan?


Do Febby Deserve the Mercedes Benz sedan?

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Recap.

It was barely a week after the ESL ONE Mumbai ended and while there’s massive issues such as big teams withdrawing and Kyle calling out EternalEnvy, a hotter topic in the Chinese Dota community is the Febby MVP.

It was Keen Gaming versus Mineski, where Febby was stand-in for Mineski after he got kicked. He jokingly made fun of it on his stream (though he did look rather sad actually) and when interviewed at ESL ONE Mumbai about how it felt to play for the team that kicked him just days ago. To which he replied, “It’s like break-up sex”.

Chapter 2: The Grand Finals.

Mineski managed to make it to the Grand Finals against Keen Gaming, and Keen Gaming clearly beat up Mineski big time and everyone knew how much superior they were compared to Mineski. As they lift the Champion’s trophy, the host now announces the MVP winner, and he calls “FEBBY!”.

Febby himself was obviously shocked too as he rushes to the stage as he was packing up his gear to head back to their hotel lobby as losers. But how did it actually happened? How did Febby won, you may ask?

Well, in one of the interviews for Febby, he told the twitch viewers to vote for him for MVP. It was clearly a joke, but the community listened hard because of how sad Febby was after getting kicked before ESL ONE Mumbai. So, everyone on Twitch voted for him. The vote is decided based on the community vote (Twitch and audience at the arena) making up 40% and also the talent vote (casters and analysts) making up 60% of it.

Chapter 3: It wasn’t Us.

Due to the public outrage mainly from Chinese community, ESL ONE tweeted that Febby didn’t win the vote from the community but was from the talents instead. However, it wasn’t enough as many disagreed that this method of deciding the winner is ridiculous as Febby didn’t perform well at all. His grand finals game’s KDA was 0-9.

Febby’s stream:

But it doesn’t stop there as memes are starting to spread around about Febby and Mercedes. It even relates another drama happening in China during the time, where this lady sat on the Mercedes car in the showroom as a sign of protest. She apparently just bought a Mercedes but before it even left the place, it was already leaking oil below. She demanded for a replacement car but was denied, as the staffs only offer an engine change. This video went viral all over China and the world too as Mercedes face massive backlash for poor after-sales support.

I mean, imagine you being in that lady’s shoes! The car you just bought that hasn’t even left the showroom is already malfunctioning. Anyways, here’s the meme they made.

Chapter 4: ESL ONE Replies!

Clearly there’s still many out there who aren’t happy about Febby winning at all, so 3 days ago, ESL ONE had to explain how the voting process works and even revealed the winning scores between Febby and Yi from Keen Gaming. The scores were as close as the arcana vote between Rubick and Pudge 2 years ago! At 27.98% vs 27.81%, the difference of only 0.17% secured Febby a Mercedes back Korea!

Due to the Chinese audiences not using Twitch as their primary streaming site, like literally no one uses Twitch there, ESL ONE has promised to look into expanding their voting options to include other platforms that Chinese audiences use more, such as Huomao TV.

Chapter 5: Does Febby Deserves It?

So, now that you know that Febby didn’t actually won the MVP award by performance, he definitely won the hearts of us audiences and talents! I mean, come on! The boy just got kicked and had to find a new team! At least let him drive the Mercedes back home. Anyways, do you think Febby deserves it? Tell us in the comments below! Stay tuned!




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