LIL: I Have Changed! Toxic to PMA Player.


LIL: I Have Changed! Toxic to PMA Player.

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Chapter 1: Infamous Reputation.

If there’s any iconic player in the CIS scene that you might find interesting, it would definitely be our boy, Lil. The man has played for countless pro teams including and Navi, though it didn’t last long but hey, we can’t just ignore the fact that he was there.

However, Lil wasn’t the most likable player around, even among his teammates. And apparently the rumours were true according to many analyst and casters too. For instance, a former Navi player, LeBron, voiced out on Twitter about what Lil did.

LeBron claimed that at first Lil kicked him from Navi but seem to alter the story by saying LeBron left because he realized he (LeBron) is bad. But that wasn’t what it seem as LeBron said that he left because he couldn’t stand playing with Lil in the same team. He also ended the tweet by advising Lil not to put the blame on others. Instead look at the mirror because he’s the one who needed to change. So, judging from LeBron’s tweet, he’s pretty serious about this defamation by Lil and didn’t want to tolerate this anymore.

Chapter 2: Kyle’s Compliment.

However, there are others who think that Lil is a good teammate. Take Kyle the analyst/caster for example. During MDL Major last year, Kyle mentioned that Lil has always been a great guy and teammate, just never have him on your team if you’re trying to get into TI. Anyways based on the clip, it was clear that the rumors that spread about Navi having “internal issues” were very real indeed.


Chapter 3: Looking for Team.

Anyways, jokes aside, Lil seems to be serious about finding a team again recently as he tweeted about it. Alongside, he also listed out his advantages as a player and it’s pretty damn ironic to what most pro players have in mind on Lil, so it’s rather hilarious to say the least.

Firstly, he’s playing for position 4 aka the roamer or semi support role but also suggested that pos 3 and 5 would be fine for him too (that’s pretty desperate from him there to even consider playing offlane when he’s clearly more comfortable as a support). Apparently, he also claimed that he can speak fluent English, so I guess that’s a good perk despite being Russian. Boasting a screenshot of his in-game profile, he has 7999 MMR and Immortal rank, he claimed that he has a huge hero pool unlike Bulldog and is able to play different playstyles.

Here comes the hilarious part, “calm, non-toxic, adequate & hardworking” player. Hmmm...I’m not too sure about that because if he is, he should have a team already right? Take note that he was not only kicked from Navi and but also the latest team after TI8, Odium. He also mentioned that he’s a 100% TEAM PLAYER.

Now, Lil definitely is aware of the community’s perspective on him as he also mentioned that he used to be a “dick” in media but it’s in the past. I mean considering the negative responses from many commenters (oh right, there isn’t any because Lil decided to delete and ban everyone who did that), it’s clear that the negative perception on Lil is very much alive.

Chapter 4: Carry You to TI.

Lastly, Lil also added a bold statement saying that he will CARRY YOU TO TI. Now jokes aside, do you think we will be seeing Lil in TI9 this year? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.




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