How did it feel to kick me from Mineski, Febby asks Kpii


How did it feel to kick me from Mineski, Febby asks Kpii


The Kim “Febby” Yong-min interviews for FebbyTV keep on coming and they are a delight for the community. Febby is currently teamless after being kicked from Mineski while he and his former team were still in Sweden, at the DreamLeague Major.

With a bunch of free time now, Febby started a series of interviews, which he posts on his own YouTube channel. After last week he talked to MP, his former MVP Phoenix teammate, he also posted an interview with his own sister and now he went on twisting the knife in his own wounds by calling Damien “kpii” Chok to ask him a few things about the roster change decision that got him kicked. The interview is of course more like a chat between two good old friends and can be watched fully here. We had to trim a bit the mature language and we gathered for you some of the most relevant questions and answers.


Febby: First question, this is gonna be a rough one: how did it feel to kick Febby from Mineski?

Kpii: Felt pretty good, actually. The Major qualifiers were so easy…

Febby: How do you feel being on a Tier 2 team after getting second place at TI?

Kpii: I don’t know.. I’m right where I belong, I guess.

Febby: I’m glad you feel that way. Next question: who is the best position 4 you ever played with?

Kpii: That has to be you 100%.

Febby: What? Can you answer this truthfully, you just said you had the easiest qualifiers ever without me!

Kpii: Alright, Kaka.

Febby: Which country has the hottest girls?

Kpii: I’m gonna say Russia.

Febby: What’s making Raging Potato so good?

Kpii: I mean, he’s not so good. He’s just an average player.

Febby: I feel like you should have answered: “Raging Potato is one of the best I played with…”

Kpii: But you told me to be honest

Febby: What if he sees this interview?

Kpii: You’re not posting this, right?

Febby: I am gonna post it!

Kpii: I know you are, it’s fine, it doesn’t matter, we’re close (as in the same room).

Febby: What are you regretting the most in your Dota career?

Kpii: Maybe not trying hard enough sometimes.

Febby: Like specifically when, at the TI7, or when Febby wasn’t on your team? You know, you can’t play WoW after the games…

Kpii: Maybe at TI6, around that time.

Febby: Why is Raging Potato better than Febby?

Kpii: What are these questions, man?

Febby: I mean I got replaced by Raging Potato, obviously, he’s better, so tell us why is he better than Febby!

Kpii: Sometimes you just need to change a player, it’s not because of skill.

Febby: Oh, it’s because of skill. Next question: does Febby’s no shower smell distract the team?

Kpii: I think your smell is really disgusting, so it distracts me a lot, but no one else.

Febby: Here is a pretty decent question: what was your favourite meta for the offlane?

Kpii: My favourite is the one we have right now, the 2 vs 2 meta, you get to bully the carry and stuff like that.

Febby: Do you miss the MVP Phoenix team?

Kpii: The people or the team?

Febby: I think everything, like the team as a whole, the TI5.

Kpii: Ok I’ll go through one by one: I didn’t miss you too much because I saw you for like half a year every day and you were sleeping in the same room as me for the whole time. QO… yeah, I miss that guy, although I saw him quite a lot as well. March… a little bit. NutZ, a little bit as well.

Febby: So, you miss everybody except me?

Kpii: Yeah.

Febby: It’s ok…where does your nickname comes from Kpii?

Kpii: When I was young I used kpkpkp, then it became kPhoenix, then it became kphoenii, then it became Kpii.

Febby: Why so many changes?

Kpii: I don’t know… I was young.

Febby: Who do you think is the most handsome Dota 2 player?

Kpii: That’s gotta be you.

Febby: C’mon, don’t kick a guy when he’s down. I know you don’t think it’s me so, who is it?

Kpii: I actually have no idea.

Febby: I think it’s a tie between Zai and Pieliedie.

Kpii: No, not Zai. Febby – Pie.

Febby: Who do you blame for the 0-3 sweep in the TI7 grand finals?

Kpii: Myself.

Febby: Except for yourself.

Kpii: You can’t do this.

Febby: I am doing it. Except for yourself or the coach or whatever. Choose one player.

Kpii: Ah ok. Kuroky, he’s too good.

Febby: Player from Newbee excluding yourself sir. Chose one!

Kpii: Can you pick a random between 1 and 5?

Febby: Ok, I will answer this for you. You told me it was Kaka.

Kpii: I didn’t say s**t.

Febby: Actually, you said it was Moogy.

Kpii: What? I didn’t say s**t.

Febby: What’s your favourite colour, Kpii?

Kpii: Black.

Febby: Of course, you like Black. What do you think of Febby support?

Kpii: He’s a very strong player.

Febby: If you would make your own All-Star team right now, who would you choose? You have to also play.


1 – Miracle

2 – SumaiL

3 – me

4 – English speaking Fy

5 – Puppey

Febby: Make an Aussie All-Star team, including yourself.


1 – QO

2 – Ana

3 – me

4 – Wog

5 – Velo

Febby: When do you want to retire as a Dota 2 player?

Kpii: When I’m not going to be able to play anymore, so like at 40.

Febby: Where do you rate yourself as an offlaner?

Kpii: I’d like to think I’m top 5.

Febby: Top 5! That’s a good joke to end our interview. Thanks for your time, Kpii. Bye,bye.

Kpii: No! Come back, man!

Febby: Bye, bye! Have a good time with Raging Potato in the Mineski team-house.




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