Febby interviews MP and it's hilarious


Febby interviews MP and it's hilarious


Currently teamless after being kicked from Mineski during the DreamLeague Major, a couple of weeks back, Kim “Febby” Yong-min found new ways to keep his fans entertained. He gathered a bunch of questions from the community and interviewed one his former teammates from the MVP Phoenix and Immortals times.

Pyo “MP” No-a, Fnatic’s carry, answered Febby’s call and had a joyful discussion with his friend. The interview was uploaded by Febby on his YouTube channel and can be watched fully here. For editorial purposes and better reading we edited out the mature language and the giggles.


Febby: What’s the most memorable moment in your career and why?

MP: I guess it’s getting fourth in the Shanghai Major. It feels like the weirdest placing.

Febby: Really, not the TI? You got fifth at TI…Ok, next question: If everyone on the MVP Phoenix was to fight each other in real life, who would win?

MP: It’s either going to be QO or Forev. But I think it would be Forev.

Febby: Why not me?

MP: Because you are weak as f**k?

Febby: But I never lost a fight in my life! Next question: What do you think about Febby as a friend?

MP: I think you are a good friend.

Febby: The question says “explain it in detail.”

MP: There is synergy. I’m a very boring person and you annoy me.

Febby: That’s it, that’s why I’m a good friend? Alright… What hero do you most hate to play against?

MP: I would say Viper.

Febby: What about Techies?

MP: Actually, I didn’t play against any Techies.

Febby: Fair enough. Here’s a question coming from your manager, Eric. He wants to know how you can survive from drinking Coke and sleeping for 24 hours and then stay awake for 24 hours.

MP: I don’t know.

Febby: That’s exactly the answer I was expecting. Next question: What do you think about Febbyna, me cross-dressing?

MP: I think it’s disgusting. I usually don’t watch your streams when you’re doing it. I can’t watch for more than five seconds, it’s too cringy.

Febby: You know, I have to make a living. Sorry if I cringe you. Why do you always wear a cap?

MP: Maybe I’m bolding.

Febby: But you’re not bolding, just say the truth, that you don’t shower every day, that you don’t wash your hair.

MP: Haha, that’s you! I shower twice a day and I wash my hair three times a day!

Febby: Do you use quick cast?

MP: No, I don’t.

Febby: How much did you enjoy playing in NA?

MP: NA sucks. It’s like the worst server ever.

Febby: Why?

MP: Because no one is serious.

Febby: For me, it was the harshest training environment. We had nobody good to scrim with.

MP: Oh, I thought you’re asking about pubs.

Febby: I’m talking about everything!

MP: Yeah, you’re right.

Febby: Alright, here’s kind of a touchy subject, but I expect you to be honest. So, people flame you a lot on Reddit. Do you feel the pressure from being flamed so much?

MP: No, I don’t think I feel pressure.

Febby: If you wouldn’t play Dota what would you be doing right now?

MP: I’d be jobless. I don’t know what I’d be doing.

Febby: Maybe you would be in the army.

MP: Yeah, maybe.

Febby: Who is the best teammate you ever had? It can be a current one because it would be boring if you answer like that.

MP: You want me to pick you?

Febby: No, I don’t want you to pick me, I want you to say who is the best teammate you’ve ever had.

MP: And you won’t be offended at all?

Febby: Of course, I won’t. I’m thinking you will pick Puppey.

MP: No, it’s YapzOr.

Febby: YapzOr !?!! You’re saying that on purpose!

MP: No, It’s for real. You said you won’t get offended…

Febby: Ok, second favourite?

MP: Who cares about the second favourite?

Febby: I care about the second favourite!

MP: Hmmm….let me think. Aaaa.. I….aaaa…I think it is you.

Febby: Can you say that without all the “hmm…aaaa….aaa?” So, again who is your second favourite teammate?

MP: I think it is you.

Febby: Alright, I can respect YapzOr. How did you feel when you were invited to Team Secret?

MP: I mean, back then Secret was like last place at TI so, I didn’t feel anything.

Febby: But you were to play with Puppey, one of the true Dota 2 masters. Didn’t you feel excited?

MP: No.

Febby: Alright, you’re boring. Thank you for you’re time. Anything you want to say to your fans, Sir?

MP: I’m sure that I have like 12 fans in total and I will thank them for all the support.

Febby: You have more than 12 fans, you have 13. After this interview, I became your fan, MP.

MP: Oh, thank you.

Febby: Alright, have a good rest and thank you for your time




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