WARNING: Sniper Spammers are BACK!


WARNING: Sniper Spammers are BACK!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: New Patch, New Meta.

As we all knew, the new patch literally hit after just an hour of the Dream League major ending with Vici Gaming’s victory. So, the Dream League major definitely showed us what the meta was, from Pangolier and Oracle getting picked almost every time to Atos first item. It’s time for a change, so you probably would want to know what are still good to use and what you need to avoid.

Before we head to the heroes, good news! If you are on the Dire side as a support, you will be having an easy time double-pulling the hard camp on the top lane. This is one of the few factors that gave Radiant so much advantage back then and now we just might see a fairer fight between the 2 Ancients.


Chapter 2: Nerfed.

Starting off with supports, it’s Oracle with probably the biggest nerf in the patch. His ultimate that has been so good at saving allies especially carries was nerfed in every aspect. From cooldown increase to double the manacast to use, but the most painful one is definitely the cast range. As a support usually pos5, the level 1 ultimate is so bad now due to the range, so you might miss many crucial saves as your carry proceeds to flame you for not saving him.

Another huge nerf is on Pangolier as his Lucky Shot is clearly too strong. Applying both disarm and silence together? That’s too much. Not only that, the proc chance for it has also reduced to Bara’s magic number, 17%, which means this will proc every time the enemy is in the worst possible situation. His ultimate now needs twice the mana too and this is a big deal since Pangolier’s mana pool is not very big at all.

Meanwhile Viper despite the previous nerf he received already, he gets another one as he was definitely still very strong as we see many mid players pick it in Dream League, such as Sumail and Ori.


Chapter 3: Back to the Dark Age.

As if the meta couldn’t get any worse than Viper first pick, Icefrog decides it’s a great time to bring back an old friend, Sniper. Buffing his Shrapnel by reducing cooldown/ replenish time to 40 seconds, this means coupled with his 25% cooldown reduction talent, he can use one shrapnel for each creep wave, so good luck trying to high ground against Sniper now.

Do you remember Puck? That kid dragon who you see in Dream League? Well, despite Puck finally back in the meta and played in just several games of Dream League, guess what, he’s nerfed again! It’s Dream Coil used to be able to bypass Spell Immune heroes and stunning them but now it’s not able to do that anymore unless he has Scepter.


Chapter 4: Still Playable.

While I did say that Atos was nerfed, to be frank, it wasn’t too big of a deal really. A minor cast range reduction and extra 2 seconds cooldown aren’t the end of the world anyways, so we might see it getting build often still.

How can we forget about Mars, the latest hero to join the game. Since it’s addition, decent players were able to create havoc in teamfights thanks to Mars’ easy-to-use ultimate (literally one button). He also received a minor reduction in strength gain and higher mana cost for his active cleave skill aka God’s Rebuke. While these nerfs might sound a lot, it really isn’t considering Mars’ main skills are his instant cleave and ultimate. These 2 skills being barely touched makes Mars just as viable as he was just 2 days ago, so go ahead, pick this very fun hero if you want.

Then there’s Dragon Knight who got a huge buff in all his Talents and a small buff in his Dragon Form. Lina carry to be more specific, is now more viable too thanks to a huge buff in agility gain.


Chapter 5: Final Thoughts.

While there’s many other heroes who received minor buffs like Drow, Pudge and Storm Spirit, the patch definitely feels more balancing to the current meta we have and that’s a great sight as we come closer to the International 9.





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