All Hail the Kuala Lumpur Major Contestants!


All Hail the Kuala Lumpur Major Contestants!

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: It’s Finally Time.

This is it, the time has come, for us, the community to gather around for the first ever Major of this DPC season and in Malaysia. 16 teams battle their hearts and souls out to win the Major, and earn the lead in DPC points, and potentially securing an invite to the International 9.

With just 2 days away, it’s high time for us to take a look back at the teams that will be playing soon, after all, the groups have been set!

Chapter 2: Once an Ally, Now a Foe.

Coming in hot in group A, is Secret, paiN, Ninjas in Pyjamas and let’s not forget J.Storm (former VGJ.Storm). These teams have played against and with each other for years, be it as foes or teammates. W33, former Secret player, who apparently was kicked by Puppey back in the days, would definitely love to return the favour of kicking Secret out of the groups.

While paiN with the guidance of veterans w33 and MISERY, has been performing decently in recent weeks, yet their performance were never consistent, so there were good days and bad ones too. Meanwhile, Secret coming into KL Major, definitely look like a threat to many teams after that ESL ONE Hamburg win.

Chapter 3: PJSalt and Kpop.

With that said, let’s not forget the 2 other teams in the group, firstly NIP, under the captainship of ppd, teams have come to know and fear ppd’s impeccable drafting. While he lacks in actual plays, his drafts and mind games were top-notch, letting his teammates take the MVP role.

Lastly, J.Storm, consisting of a forgotten legend, March, will be representing Korea in the Dota pro scene after years of inactivity. Coming back to the game in just weeks before the qualifiers, March proved that he still has what it takes to qualify for the major and possibly win it as well. Representing NA to bring pride and fame back to the region that many have look down upon.

Therefore, will it be good weather for w33 on Pain or will Secret, the ESL ONE Hamburg Champions, secure their assured wins with sheer dominance? But, could it be J.Storm with the surprise factor or the former TI Champion captain with a pinch of salt?

Chapter 4: Bleed Blue.

While Group A might seem like a hellhole to many, hey, it isn’t that bad really. And group B is not even the worst. Group B consist of fan favourites Evil Geniuses, the two Chinese overlords, VG and Aster, and of course, TNC.Predator, the team that had all pinoy fans cheering while also surprising the world for upsetting Hey, who could forget that?

Despite underperforming recently due to Sumail’s absence, EG is still the second runner-up in TI8 despite the team’s recent changes in roster. That said, fans worldwide are looking forward for some classic 4Head plays from s4 regardless.

From the historic country of China, Aster and Vici Gaming will unfortunately have to face each other sooner or later. Paparazi and the boys in VG are looking on point recently, being the runner-up in ESL ONE Hamburg, so the rest of the competition will have a hard time fighting the team. After all, Paparazi has been crowned the best mid player twice!

Chapter 5: Veterans.

Despite Sylar from Aster looking lacklustre in performance lately, they are still a team consisting of multiple Chinese veterans such as Boboka and Fenrir, so they definitely aren’t easy targets at all. Topping it off, they have a new player joining the fray, loveyouloveme from ForTheDream replaing Dstones (who got benched).

Last but not least, TNC.Predator, which in recent years have gained popularity for attending past TIs, will be bringing their fast-paced Dota into the Major, to shock their foes and definitely the fans as well. The Philippine players have constantly played with each other for years, and their bonds are just as strong as their will to win!

Be it whether if you’re an EG fan or Sylar’s or even TNC, don’t forget to spam that LAKAD MATATAAAAAG in Twitch chat when they play!

Chapter 6: Part Two Tomorrow!

This article can’t fit the other half of remaining teams contesting in KL Major *Kappa*, so unfortunately, we will have to get back to the other groups tomorrow, just in time for KL Major! Stay tuned!




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