Dark Age of Matchmaking: Boosting, Account Buying & Cheating.


Dark Age of Matchmaking: Boosting, Account Buying & Cheating.

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: Dummy’s Guide to Identifying Smurfs or Cheaters.

If you played Dota 2 long enough, you would have bumped into occasional player that seem too good in your skill bracket, and you start being salty about it, flaming “omg hacker” or “report booster” and stuff. Well, you aren’t wrong to feel bad about it.

Over the past year, boosters have been very prevalent in our games, be it 2k, 3k or even 5k games. So how exactly do you identify one? Well, someone in your game is playing exceptionally well while that isn’t always true since there are decent players in every bracket anyways. The other way is if you are in 4k to 5k MMR, and a player is playing painfully bad, well, he boosted his way here!

So, why isn’t Valve doing anything about this? Firstly, it’s impossible to identify boosted accounts or bought accounts. Valve can’t just ban a player because he destroyed his enemies in his games or if someone is just having a bad game.

However, Valve do not keep quiet about the issue though. Valve has been banning players that were suspected of using cheats like scripts and maphacks. Either way, Valve’s effort just seem ineffective since a banned player can always just create a new account and use the same cheats. Thus, let’s hope Valve finds a better alternative soon to deal with it.

Chapter 2: Games aren’t Fair and Fun Anymore.

Valve has definitely been receiving lots of complains from their player base about boosters and cheaters. That’s because it’s unplayable for the real players, meeting boosters would mean losing your game and if you meet a boosted account, he must be out of his skill bracket and plays really bad too.

Thanks to these effects, players have been migrating to other games like PUBG and Fortnite. The 3k trench is hell for every player and there isn’t a good reason to play Dota anymore if you are losing games.

Chapter 3: Why do People Boost?

Players who pay to boost commonly have the mindset that “I don’t belong in this medal, I’m better”. Since they can’t climb the MMR ladder, they pay others to do it for them. Boosters are still players but they have the skills to be in higher MMR games.

Once the boost ended, and the original player plays his first ever game in the high skilled match, he just feeds and lose. Give them some time and they would be back to where they started at. And the cycle repeats! They pay boosters again to play.

The “passion” that risen from them when they watch pros play in the leaderboards just makes it even more tempting to boost their way up too.

Chapter 4: Community Rants.

The Dota 2 community has been posting concerns about this epidermis just to get Valve’s attention on the matter. Here are some few examples.

Credits to original poster, f0ster91 on Reddit.

Another one requesting Valve to add a new report option for account buyers.

Credits to original poster, Kherlimandos on Reddit.

Lastly, original poster Oky162 on Reddit suggested some solutions to dealing with boosting and account buyers.

Credits to original poster, Oky162 on Reddit.

Long story short, it’s very similar to CSGO’s Overwatch feature, where suspected players can be reported. Then, other players who play in higher brackets are asked to review the game of suspect. If he’s guilty, he will be banned by Valve.

Chapter 5: The End of Boosting Soon?

Not likely. While there are various solutions available to get rid of the pests, boosters or those supporting it, will always find new ways to outsmart the system. That said, let’s appreciate Valve’s effort in dealing with the issue instead of ignoring it. That’s all from me today, and may the boosters be with you.




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