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author: jaymii Time: 2015/07/02



VPGAME is a relatively new Dota 2 game website which is also the biggest Chinese one to date. There are different types of matches to game on, as well as handicap matches that help to prevent skewed odds. Additionally, item returns provide you with higher whole number returns, rather than rows of small value items.


You can also game on CS:GO game, basketball and football (soccer) matches here as well. Be sure to give them a go at!


Here is a guide for newbie about how to use VPGAME


1.Firstly, please visit


2.For English Version translation, just transfer the flag to  the UK and it will be done.




3.For New Users, just press on the tab "Register"



4.Fill up all the information requested and press on the sign up button.



5.The next step is to bind up your steam account. Press on the "Bind".



6.After pressed "Bind", the page will load to the steam log on. Log in your steam account to proceed this section.



7.Once you had done Binding your steam account, this system message will be appeared on your page, if the system message came out is Failed, it is because your steam name is way too long/too short causes, just adjust it and the problem will solved.



8.Next, go to My VP -> My inventory -> Steam trade URL . Fill in your steam trade offer, to make you enable on deposit item to place game.




9.After fill in the steam trade URL, press on "Confirm".



10.After you had done the all instruction above, now you're available to place game on those match which not started yet .【Becareful on the bracketed match, it means some handicap for the matches】


11.Press on the team you want to place game and choose "steam inventory"



13.Choose the item you want to game, and press on the "Confirm game", the bot will automatically send you a trade offer, go to your steam account and proceed it. 【Remarks, each transaction is 6 item maxed】



14.After you've done the trade offer, the page will automatic refresh, then you will saw the item you game appeared on the "My Game" Box.


15.Or you can got "My game'' page to check your game history and details




16.You can deposit both DOTA 2 and CS:GO items, and use them to game now. New Update